Woo takes second in Florence Diamond League in 2m30…Harrison wins in 2m32

South Korean men’s high jumper Woo Sang-hyuk (27, Yongin City Hall) has won a silver medal at the World Athletics Rome-Florence Diamond League 2023.

Woo cleared 2.30 meters in the men’s high jump final at the Luigi Ridolfi Stadium in Florence, Italy, on Wednesday (July 3) to finish second behind Jubon Harrison (USA), who cleared 2.32 meters.

It was the second consecutive podium finish for the 24-year-old, who won silver behind Harrison (2m32) at the Diamond League opener in Doha last month with a leap of 2m27.

In their rematch after 28 days, Harrison and Woo were neck-and-neck.

After narrowly clearing 2m15 and 2m20, Woo failed his first attempt at 2m24 but succeeded in the second.

At 2m27, he also failed the first period, but after passing the second period, he executed his trademark serenade.

Woo, Harrison, and Luis Sayas (Cuba) remained the “Big 3” at 2m27.

Woo and Harrison both went over 2m30 in the first period to stay in contention for the win. Sayas, meanwhile, was unable to break 2m30 to secure third place.

In the final showdown for the title, Woo failed to clear 2.32 meters. He just missed the bar in the second period.

After failing in the second period, Harrison roared to victory in the third, clearing 2m32.

Mutaz Essa Bassim (Qatar), one of the world’s strongest men, and Tokyo Olympic co-gold medalist Jean-Marco Tamberi (Italy) were absent from the competition.

Meanwhile, Woo continued his success in Doha, taking home $6,000 (USD 784) in prize money and seven ranking points toward the Diamond League Finals.

Woo (14 points) is also second in the Diamond League Men’s High Jump Ranking Points standings behind Harrison (16 points).

After competing in Japan and Italy, Woo will return home on Thursday for a short break before training for the Asian Championships in Bangkok, Thailand in July.