Midfielder Hwang In-beom of the Korean national soccer team was named in the Worst Eleven of the Qatar World Cup.

On the 20th (Korean time), Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ released the ‘World Cup Worst Eleven’, citing statistical data from the soccer statistics media ‘Sofa Score’. The formation is 4-4-2.

The two front liners were Cristiano Ronaldo (6.46 points) and Argentina’s Lautaro Martinez (6.35 points). Ronaldo did not perform well except for the penalty kick (PK) in the first leg of the group stage. He was the direct cause of Kim Yeong-gwon’s goal in the process of scoring in the Korean War, and was pointed out as the culprit of the defeat by blowing away all decisive opportunities.

They couldn’t show their presence more in the tournament. Ronaldo also tasted the humiliation of being excluded from the starting list against Switzerland (round of 16) and Morocco (quarterfinal). Even if he was put in as a replacement, he could not show any activity to do so, and was eventually selected as Worst.

Lautaro also showed only disappointment throughout the tournament. Lautaro started with Lionel Messi in the first leg of the group stage and raised great expectations. However, he was repeatedly caught offside and failed to score. Since then, he has been active as a substitute member until the finals.

However, like Ronaldo, he did not show much influence when he came on as a substitute. Rather, he caused a 토토사이트 big chance miss against the Netherlands, and Messi even lay down. Fortunately, he was heavily involved in the process of Messi’s second goal in the final, and made up for it by scoring cleanly in the penalty shootout.

Hwang In-beom was also selected. Hwang In-beom received a rating of 6.53 and was included in the worst eleven along with Ruben Vargas (6.53), Jackson Irvine (6.5), and Matthew Leckie (6.28). It is a difficult choice to understand. Hwang In-beom devoted himself to his team, starting from Uruguay in the first round of the group stage to Brazil in the round of 16. He was indispensable to Bentoho, including his role as a link in the attack as well as counter conversion.

However, the rating seems to have been written based on the tournament. Like Hwang In-beom, Australia’s Lekki is also the one who led the team to the round of 16. Therefore, being selected in the worst eleven is a difficult statistic to understand. Also, if you look at the players selected for the Worst Eleven, you can see that they all come from countries that have passed the group stage.

Meanwhile, Bartosh Beresinski (6.42), Abdu Dialu (6.47), Camille Glick (6.63), and Sergino Dest (6.5) were selected for the defensive line. The goalkeeper was Edouard Mendy (6.3).