Who is this ‘full’ hair man?

An old photo is becoming a hot topic.

This is a picture of a man with lush hair. His hair tries to cover his eyes, and the back and sides of his hair are also boasting plenty. It looks like a picture of a very ordinary man, but soccer fans went wild. Why?

It’s because everyone can’t help but be surprised when they find out who the main character of this picture is. The main character is Pierluigi Collina, who made a name for himself as a world-class referee. He is currently the head of the International Football Federation (FIFA) referee. His trademark is ‘bald hair’. He was also called ‘The Alien Referee’.

Britain’s ‘Daily Star’ said, “A rare photo of Collina, who became the world’s most famous football referee thanks to her bald head, has been found. This is Collina in her youth. It is presumably taken before her debut as a Serie A referee in 1991. Fans It’s a picture that’s really far from the familiar look.”

Collina is regarded as one of the most respected referees in world football history. 바카라사이트

He was the only referee highly praised by manager Jose Mourinho, and he was a referee with such great status that superstars such as David Beckham first requested a uniform exchange.

The media said, “Until he retired from active duty in 2005, he was respected by many coaches and players, and was the greatest referee of this era. He is a referee who remains special in the hearts of soccer fans around the world.”

He added, “He had alopecia when he was young and was judged with a shaved head. Rather, this made him even more famous. The shaved head became his trademark. It left a strong yet familiar impression on the public.”