Where’s Seoul FC? Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism “Restore stadium to normal as soon as possible through cooperation”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MOCST) has come under fire for misspelling the name of a professional team in an official press release.

“We will actively support the ground restoration of the Seoul World Cup Stadium,” the ministry said in a press release on the 13th. 토토사이트

Regarding concerns about the damage to the grass field at the Seoul World Cup Stadium due to the closing ceremony of the 2023 World Scout Jamboree and the K-Pop Super Live concert, the ministry emphasized, “We have budgeted for the restoration of the stadium from the planning stage of the concert and will do our best to support the restoration.”

“As soon as the demolition of the stages and other concert-related facilities is completed, the Seoul Facilities Corporation will closely examine the ground conditions and begin emergency repairs, such as replanting the dedicated grass.”

So far, so good. However, “the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will work with Seoul FC, which uses the Seoul World Cup Stadium as its home stadium, and the Seoul Facilities Corporation to restore the stadium to its original condition as soon as possible.” The club’s official name, “FC Seoul,” was misspelled as “Seoul FC. The name of the club is a sensitive issue for both the club and its fans, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism made a mistake.

In particular, the government and the jamboree organizers were criticized for their inexperienced management, such as the decision to hastily move the K-pop concert and closing ceremony from the Jeonju World Cup Stadium to the Seoul World Cup Stadium, which was originally planned to be held at each campsite, and the process of coming up with post-event measures is also not smooth.