‘Warney’s domination under the goal’ SK beat KCC after an extension and recorded the first 7 wins in a row for the first time in the season

SK succeeded in winning 7 consecutive wins for the first time in the season. 안전놀이터

Seoul SK met Jeonju KCC in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 24th and won 95-91 after a close match that went to overtime. With the victory on this day, the difference between Changwon LG and the game was narrowed to 0.5 games.

The first contributor to the victory was Jameel Warney. They scored 16 points in the first quarter. He also scored 11 points in the third quarter. He added 16 points in the fourth quarter and overtime, scoring the final 45 points. In addition, Heo Il-young and Choi Bu-kyung also contributed 28 points to help the team win.

1st Quarter, SK 27-23 KCC: Warney, who predicted an outstanding performance by scoring 16 points,
showed a remarkable performance from the beginning of the game. As a result, SK succeeded in suppressing the baseline. The first point was given to KCC, but Warney responded with a goal under the goal. Afterwards, they conceded points to Dion Thompson and Lee Seung-hyun, but this time, Warney turned around by scoring. In particular, he dominated the early game by raising all of the team’s first eight points with his own hands.

Afterwards, both teams displayed fast-tempo offensive basketball. KCC began to shoot outside shots and pursued SK through a quick attack. However, SK was not pushed back in firepower. Rather hotter. In the middle of the quarter, Thompson scored on a second chance and Kim Dong-hyun allowed a 3-point shot to give them the upper hand, but Warney brought the atmosphere back with a hot performance. It was Warney who scored 16 points in the first quarter alone. As a result, SK made 27-23.

2nd quarter, SK 40-39 KCC : KCC narrowed the score gap with the power of the second unit
Unlike the first quarter, both teams were low scoring at the beginning of the second quarter. They were two teams that could not easily find a way out in the attack. Nevertheless, SK widened the score with Choi Bu-kyung’s goal and Choi Won-hyuk’s mid-range goal.

Accordingly, KCC applied for operation time. However, he continued to be pushed back by the opponent in the air defense. Then, in the middle of the end of the quarter, Lee Jong-hyun’s free throw scored and Jeon Jun-beom’s 3-point shot. It was KCC that narrowed the score gap again by raising 5 points in a row. In addition, Lee Jong-hyun tried to post up against Kim Hyung-bin, which led to a basket count. It was KCC that tied again. The score was 33-33.

At the end of the quarter, SK counterattacked. Heo Il-young responded with a 3-point shot. They conceded points to La Gun-ah and Kim Ji-wan, but Kim Hyung-bin scored on a second chance. In addition, Oh Jae-hyun scored a quick break through and brought the advantage back. 3rd Quarter, SK 60-64 KCC: Kim Ji-Wan KCC

dominated the 3rd quarter and took the lead with Lee Seung-Hyun’s free throw.
Afterwards, he lost to Warney, but Kim Ji-wan performed a ‘one-man show’. He scored 10 points in a row alone. After a successful 3-point shot, he completed a 4-point play through a free throw obtained from a foul. After that, he scored a quick break and attacked the opponent’s goal through a bold breakthrough. Thanks to Kim Ji-wan’s performance, KCC made it 51-46. Afterwards, Kim Seon-hyung and Warney conceded and tied the score. However, this time, Kim Ji-wan succeeded in making a 3-point shot in a fast-breaking situation, raising the team atmosphere.

This time, SK followed suit. Warney narrowed the score gap with a free throw. He tied the score by adding a basket count.

However, the stronger team in the second half of the quarter was KCC. Thompson induces an attacker foul on Warney. Also, I controlled the opponent’s attack one after another. Kim Dong-hyun scored a free throw and took the lead. In addition, Chung Chang-young succeeded with a mid-range jumper. Thompson also scored against Warney and the score was 64-60.

4th Quarter, SK 85-85 KCC: 5 points from Kim Dong-hyun, the score that saved KCC
KCC started the 4th quarter happily with Laguna’s basket count. In addition, Jeon Jun-beom added a quick attack to make it 69-60. But after that was the problem. There were three mistakes in a row. On top of that, he gave up 6 points to Choi Bu-kyung, and the score was 69-68. However, Lee Geun-hwi added a 3-point shot at a crucial moment. We made it 4 points again. However, after that, he conceded a point to Warney again, making it 74-72.

SK’s pursuit continued. Laguna conceded a goal, but Warney scored again. In addition, Heo Il-young made a 3-point shot 2 minutes and 52 seconds before the end of the game, making it 77-77. He gave away a free throw to Lee Jong-hyun. But this time, Warney stole the ball from Lee Jong-hyun and even scored. It was a reversal of SK. Kim Seon-hyung also scored a free throw, and the score was 81-78.

However, KCC did not give up until the end. Lee Jong-Hyun’s goal under the goal made it 80-81. Afterwards, he conceded a goal to Kim Seon-hyung, but Kim Dong-hyun scored a 3-point shot 25 seconds before the end of the quarter to tie the game. This time, he conceded a goal to Kim Seon-hyung, but Kim Dong-hyun scored 0.8 seconds before the end of the quarter and took the game into overtime.

OT, SK 95-91 KCC: The combination of Warney and Kim Sun-hyeong, the reason SK is strong
The concentration of SK’s players became sharper in overtime. Starting with Choi Bu-kyung’s goal, Warney and Kim Seon-hyung scored consecutively and succeeded in overpowering the team. Although they conceded points to Lee Jong-hyun and Kim Dong-hyun, Kim Seon-hyeong’s free throw made it 93-83. There, he succeeded in defending and raised the atmosphere. Afterwards, Warney scored 1 minute and 2 seconds before the end of the game to make it 6 points. It was SK who seized the victory. Although he conceded a point to Lee Jong-hyun, it did not affect the game.