Unveiled ‘Klins Man Table Football’, there was no debut victory, but there was a lot of harvest

Although the debut victory was delayed, there were significant achievements.

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59) finished his A-match schedule in March when he announced his debut as a Korean coach. He recorded 1 draw and 1 loss in a 2-2 draw against Colombia on the 24th and a 1-2 loss against Uruguay on the 28th.

It’s disappointing to just look at the results, but this evaluation match is definitely meaningful. This is because the changes identified in the unveiled ‘Klinsman Soccer’ produced positive results.

◆Found, how to use Son Heung-min

The most eye-catching. Son Heung-min, who couldn’t explode as much as his team when the national team came, benefited from the ‘free roll’ given by coach Klinsman. Before Colombia, he scored multiple goals in all directions, freely moving between the front and midfield, the side and the center. It is Son Heung-min’s multi-goal for the national team, which came out 3 years and 5 months after the World Cup qualifying match against Sri Lanka on October 10, 2019.

His role was the same in the game against Uruguay as he was placed in the center of the second line and moved freely. His steps were still light. Even in a 0-1 situation, he drove the opponent’s defense with brisk movements and broke through the offensive line. With him as the starting point, Korea’s movements were revived and they were able to launch a counterattack. His sharp kick sense was also the same. He didn’t have an attack point, but his presence was certain.

◆Flexible change, responsive new faces

In the game against Colombia, ‘stability’ using the existing starting lineup was chosen, but in the game against Uruguay, ‘flexibility’ stood out. A total of 4 starting changes were made. Cho Hyun-woo, Lee Kang-in, Hwang Ui-jo, and Lee Ki-je were newly called up and achieved significant results.

Especially Lee Kang-in was fierce. He made an impressive performance on the right flank as if to relieve the sadness of frequent replacement appearances under coach Paulo Bento. He often produced good scenes with his foot talent, creative movements, and sharp crosses that stripped the opponent’s defense.

Lee Ki-je, who filled the void left by Kim Jin-soo’s injury, should also be noted. Surprisingly selected in the first season of Klinsmann, he made full use of his strength, aggression. The assist for Hwang In-beom’s equalizer against Uruguay came from his left foot. Cho Hyeon-woo, who started as a starter after 9 months, also had two unavoidable runs, but his ability to save did not rust much.

◆Round and turn, Klins Man-pyo attack soccer 안전놀이터

The use of strikers against Uruguay was impressive. When Hwang Eui-jo’s card did not work, he tried to reverse the second half with the ‘Express Joker’ Oh Hyeon-gyu card. Oh Hyun-gyu was canceled by VAR, but he perfectly imprinted his name with a wonderful right-footed turning shot.

Towards the end of the game at 1-2, Lee Jae-seong was substituted for Cho Kyu-seong to bring out a two-top tactic. Unfortunately, there was no result, but I was able to get a glimpse of the clear game scenario set up by coach Klinsman.