U7 Asan Woori Bank Kang Seo-yeon “Danbi is the best!”

Playing basketball with my dad.

On the 23rd, the Korea Basketball Association held the ‘Natural Healing City Jecheon 2023 National Basketball Festival’ at Jecheon Gymnasium and 4 other locations (Oullim Sports Center, Honggwangcho, Naeto Middle School, Semyeong High School).

A total of 139 teams (approximately 1,500 people) in 15 categories participated in the national basketball team festival, which will end on the 26th (3 nights and 4 days).

U7 division runner-up Asan Woori Bank lost 14-18 to Samsung Thunders in the final. A total of 6 teams were divided into 2 groups for the U7 division, and the group stage and final tournament were held.

Asan Woori Bank Kang Seo-yeon (Sinricho 2) said, “I’m sorry. I really want to win the next tournament.”

Kang Seo-yeon teamed up with a guy her age, but she didn’t get discouraged at all. “It’s nothing. I’m just out of breath playing the game,” he said with a laugh.

Kang Seo-yeon first caught a basketball a year ago when she went to her grandmother’s house to play. Kang Seo-yeon, who played basketball with his father in the yard, said he wanted to play basketball and he told his father. 카지노사이트

Kang said, “I had so much fun playing basketball with my dad. My dad also told me to play basketball. My dream is to become a basketball player. I like Woori Bank’s Danbi Kim. I often went to watch Woori Bank matches. I also went to watch Hana One Q Match)!”

Finally, she concluded the interview by saying, “I once took a picture with Danbi. I want to get an autograph later.”

This tournament is hosted by the Basketball Association, the Basketball Association, and the Chungcheongbuk-do Basketball Association. It is organized by the Jecheon City Basketball Association, sponsored by Jecheon City, Jecheon City Council, IS Dongseo, and KB Kookmin Bank, and sponsored by Molten, Oneday Amino, and Titan Helium.