‘Trial’ Choi Ji-man, but the first baseman was taken away and the right-handed pitcher was on the bench… Batting average 8.3 Li, quickly find a sense of hitting

Until last season, Choi Ji-man was the main first baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays.

He kept the bench on days left-handed pitchers came to the mound, but when right-handers came on, he started mostly at first base.

However, in the second half of last year, when he fell into an extreme batting slump, he kept the bench even when a right-handed pitcher took the mound. However, Choi Ji-man was generally a first baseman.

However, subtle changes are being detected in the Pittsburgh Pirates.

It was strange right from the start. The Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher was right-hander Hunter Green. Of course, Choi Ji-man had to come out as the first baseman. 먹튀검증

However, the first baseman was veteran Carlos Santana. Choi Ji-man was absent.

Even in the second game, Choi Ji-man waited on the bench. It was because the opposing pitcher was left-hander Nick Rodolo. When right-hander Alex Diaz appeared in the ninth inning, Choi Ji-man came on as a pinch hitter.

When Woo and Graeme Ashcraft came out in Game 3, Choi Ji-man made his first start of the season. But the first baseman was still Santana. Choi Ji-man was the designated hitter. The result was 3 strikeouts and no hits in 4 at-bats.

In Game 1 of the series against the Boston Red Sox, Choi Ji-man also started, but he was the designated hitter. The first baseman was still Santana. Choi Ji-man got his first hit of the season, going 1-for-3 with 2 strikeouts.

In the second game, when right-hander Nick Piveta came out, Choi Ji-man became the designated hitter. Santana held onto first base. Choi Ji-man was silent with no hits in 4 at-bats.

In the final game of the series on the 6th (Korean time), the opposing pitcher was right-hander Corey Kluber, but Choi Ji-man was left out. The designated hitter was played by veteran Andrew McCutchen.

Choi Ji-man produced only one hit after the season began. He is an 8 3 with a batting average of less than 10%. It doesn’t mean much because he is in the early stages, but unlike Bae Ji-hwan, he has not made a strong impression on the Pittsburgh leadership.

Pittsburgh may continue to use Santana as first base, but at some point, they may have a plan to entrust Choi Ji-man to first base.

Choi Ji-man has played the designated hitter occasionally in Tampa Bay, so the role of designated hitter in Pittsburgh is not completely unfamiliar.

However, if he continues to be used only as a designated hitter and misses frequently, it will not be easy to regain the sense of hitting.

As there is a saying, ‘clothes get wet in the drizzle’, Choi Ji-man needs to raise the sense of hitting as soon as possible. If he continues to be sluggish, the Pittsburgh leadership may make some decisions.

It’s a bit awkward, but it means you have to show potential as a designated hitter.