‘Trade→Surgery→Injury’ A prospective free agent pitcher’s candid confession, “I just want to play baseball without getting sick”

The shadow of injury for two consecutive years left only the passion for baseball in the heart. I didn’t even care about FA, and I felt sincere when he said, “I just want to play baseball.”

LG Pitcher Ham Deok-joo’s expression was bright when we met at the LG Spring Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was often seen laughing and talking to his teammates as they prepared for training or warmed up. Above all, he is in good shape.

Ham Deok-joo said, “My body is perfectly fine now. From off-season preparations and finish camp to now, we have been preparing well without any major problems. So far, I feel good, everything is fine,” he said.

Ham Deok-ju was traded from Doosan to LG ahead of the 2021 season demonstration game. LG, which needed a starter, sent batter Yang Seok-hwan and recruited Ham Deok-joo. However, Ham Deok-joo left due to an elbow injury in early May, and it took a long time to rehabilitate. After the season, he underwent surgery to remove a bone fragment in his elbow.

The 2022 season showed decent pitching in exhibition games and the bullpen in April. In May, in order to prepare for starting again, he went down to the second team and increased the number of pitches, but suffered an elbow muscle injury and took another long rehabilitation.

Ham Deok-joo said, “Last year, I tried to start with a bullpen in the first half and start with a long throw in the second half. He said he did it because he thought he would get a chance as a starter. (Preparation for selection) Since my mind was ahead of me, I should have taken good care of my body by increasing the number of pitches, but I was complacent and a muscle injury came.”

I came to LG due to a series of injuries and couldn’t show myself properly for two years. 2021 season 16 games (21 innings) 1 win 2 losses 1 hold average ERA was 4.29. Last year, he had an earned run average of 2.13 in 13 games (12⅔ innings) without a win or a hold.

Ham Deok-joo said, “I think the biggest problem is that I tried to change a lot after moving the team. I was greedy, and my own things were broken, and I couldn’t throw the ball much due to an injury, so it was difficult,” he said.

Ham Deok-joo said, “I started from zero because I didn’t show anything for two years. a competition? Rather than defeating someone, 토토사이트 I have to overcome myself. It shouldn’t hurt. I don’t know what the position is, but I have to do it slowly without overdoing it.”

So far, my body condition is not abnormal and I am fine. Left-handed bullpen Kim Dae-yu left for KIA as a compensation player. When he said, ‘One left hand is missing and there is a chance for the left-handed bullpen,’ Ham Deok-joo said, “New faces such as Yun Ho-sol and Kim Yoo-young have come. The priority is to occupy a spot in the bullpen as a competition, and (if you occupy it) you must move forward one space at the bottom of the bullpen, starting from the losing group and aiming to rise one by one.”

If you finish this season normally, you will be eligible for free agency. Ham Deok-joo said, “You have to do well, what the FA grade is. Rather than grades, I want to have fun playing baseball. I want to feel it while throwing in the first team and in front of the fans. I miss the days when I played baseball for fun rather than pressure.”

“It is important not to get sick. After being sick for two years, I felt how happy it was.”