“This is my first overseas trip because I like SK”

Even in a nearby country, it is not easy to go abroad just because you like basketball. Even a person who has never traveled abroad will need more courage. Even so, there were fans who visited Japan. It was simply ‘I like SK’.

Seoul SK won 92-84 come-from-behind victory in the first round of the EASL (East Asia Super League) Champions Week Group B qualifier against the Bay Area Dragons held at Utsunomiya Nikkan Arena in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan on the 2nd. SK fell behind by 18 points at one point in the third quarter, but Jamil Warney (30 points, 3 shots, 19 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals) and Kim Seon-hyung (22 points, 2 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals) saved the chances of reaching the final.

It was a match between a Korean professional team and a team mainly from Hong Kong, so there were not many spectators at the scene, but it was not difficult to find the fans who drew attention among them. They were Korean fans who cheered with SK uniforms.

Kim Si-wan (28), a male fan who hung two team uniforms on his seat and cheered, said, “I became a fan of SK watching home games in middle school, but I came to Japan on vacation. It is the first time to travel abroad. SK, I came all the way here because I like basketball.”

Wasn’t there any trial and error you experienced because it was your first overseas trip? When asked about this, Kim Si-wan said, “I asked my acquaintances about this and that, and there was nothing difficult, but the neighborhood seems to be boring. There is nothing to eat except gyoza,” he laughed.

Kim Si-wan experienced something like a dream last season. His favorite club, SK, nominated Sang-hyeok Seon, a big man from Chung-Ang University, as the 6th pick in the 2021 rookie draft. Siwan Kim was a fan of Sanghyuk Seon. Mr. Kim Si-wan said, “In the past, I only liked the team and not a specific player, but Seon Sang-hyeok came to SK. He was a player I watched from the middle school. He likes big men,” he said.

Mr. Kim Si-wan continued, “I have a KBL schedule, so I don’t want to overdo it. Don’t get hurt and I hope you finish this tournament well and show a good performance in KBL.” 메이저사이트

There were also female fans who visited the gym with Choi Jun-yong’s uniform. This female fan also took advantage of her vacation and came all the way to Japan. A female fan said, “I learned about basketball because of slam dunk. There was no particular team I liked. I happened to watch the cup competition last season, and I became a fan because SK did well at that time.”

Unfortunately, Choi Jun-yong accompanied the team to Japan, but the EASL participation was canceled due to heel pain. Choi Jun-yong is scheduled to return to Korea on the 3rd. A female fan said, “I asked Choi Jun-yong if he was going to Japan when he played KBL. It’s a pity that Choi Jun-yong can’t play, but it doesn’t change that his favorite team is SK. He also has a KBL schedule left, so I hope he can compete without injury and return to Korea.”