The three fight… Round 4 PO Direct Ticket

The competition for second place with direct tickets to the professional basketball semifinal playoffs (PO) is the best ever. It wasn’t until the final game of the regular season on the 29th that the decision was made.

Looking at the professional basketball rankings on the 28th, Changwon LG and Seoul SK are tied for second place with 35 wins and 18 losses, and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis is running fourth in one game with 34 wins and 19 losses. The competition for second place, which had been a battle between LG and SK, turned into a three-way battle as Hyundai Mobis sprinted to a 7-game winning streak at the last minute. Depending on the results of the final match, the order of 2nd to 4th places will be reorganized.

The 2nd place gets a direct ticket to the 4th PO and starts ‘Spring Basketball’ in a much more advantageous position than the 3rd or 4th place who has to go through the 6th PO. In the midst of this, it is all the more interesting that LG, led by the twin brother Jo Sang-hyun, and Hyundai Mobis, led by the younger brother Cho Dong-hyun, will face off in a fateful confrontation in the final match. SK will face off against Wonju DB, who confirmed 7th place.

Currently, Hyundai Mobis has a long way to go. If Hyundai Mobis beats LG and SK loses to DB, the three teams will be tied and there will be something to consider. In this case, the opponent’s records are all 3 wins and 3 losses, and the final ranking is determined in the order of goal loss and number of points. Currently, the goal loss is LG +27, Hyundai Mobis -9, and SK -18, so Hyundai Mobis beats LG at 19. If you win by more than a margin, you can use the band electrode that takes second place. 온라인카지노

If LG loses, there is a possibility of giving the 2nd place to SK, so it seems that they will wage an all-out war. If LG wins and SK also wins, and the two teams are tied, LG, which is ahead in goal difference, takes second place. It is impossible for SK, which is behind the most in terms of goal loss, to place second on its own. Defeat DB unconditionally, and Hyundai Mobis must catch LG to rise to second place. If the three teams are tied, they may be pushed to fourth place.

The final 3rd place team must go through Jeonju KCC, which confirmed 6th place, and the 4th place team, Goyang Carrot, who confirmed 5th place, and the 6th PO. However, if Carrot does not pay the remaining 1 billion won of KBL subscription fee in full by the 31st, DB will join the PO in the 6th round, and the PO opponent in the 6th round may change.