Special Event MVP ‘Curz’ Woo-Chan Moon, “Taking a word during the game is a strategic choice”

Moon “Curz” Woo-chan became the main character of the special exhibition with outstanding performance in the 5-on-5 match and the MVP selection match. On this day, Moon Woo-chan took the other person’s mind off with a considerable ‘talk’, but Moon Woo-chan made a joke, saying, “I wanted to strategically shake the other person.” 토토사이트

On the afternoon of the 10th, Team Deft won the match against Tim Faker in the LCK Season Opening Special at LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul, and won 2-1. Moon “Curz” Woo-chan participated as Team Deft’s jungler and contributed to the victory by performing wonderfully with Maokai in the 1st set and Viego in the 3rd set.

Moon Woo-chan’s performance also shone in the civil war to determine the MVP (Player of the Season Kick-off) of the special event that followed. In the first match with ‘Peter’ Yun-soo Jeong, he won with a ‘Korean medicine combination’ between Oh-gong and Malphite. With this MVP, Moon Woo-chan won an additional 1 million won in prize money.

In an interview with OSEN after the game, Moon Woo-chan cited the experience of past tournaments as the secret to being selected as the MVP. Woo-Chan Moon once participated in an intramural LOL 2v2 contest when he was in middle school, and that’s when he adopted a winning strategy against ‘Roach’ Kim Kang-hee (T1 coach). Moon Woo-chan smiled, saying, “At the time, I used the ‘oriental medicine strategy’ between Wukong and Malphite, and I won with my memory at the time.”

In the 5v5 ‘Summoner’s Gorge’, Moon Woo-chan led the team to victory with Maokai in the 1st set and Viego in the 3rd set. The special match was held without a ban and with the rule that the champion selected in the previous match was banned, Moon Woo-chan explained, “We formed a combination with our colleagues in advance by taking advantage of our characteristics.”

Moon Woo-chan performed well not only in the 5-5 match but also in the MVP match. In particular, the ‘talking talk’ that drains the other person’s mind also raised the interest of the broadcasters and fans. Regarding the conversation, Moon Woo-chan said, “First of all, I wanted to have fun. I also wanted to strategically shake the other person.”

This season, Moon Woo-chan is in his second year at KT. KT will challenge the trophy in 2023 with a number of veterans such as Kim “Kiin” Ki-in, “BD” Bo-seong Kwak, and “Lehenz” Son Si-woo. Moon Woo-chan said, “Everyone has a long career. As a result, he has a lot of game knowledge, so it didn’t take long to get the team together.” 토토사이트

At the end of the interview, Moon Woo-chan pledged to achieve excellent results in 2023. Moon Woo-chan said, “I didn’t do well in the 2nd set in today’s special exhibition, but I improved my form again in the 3rd set. In this way, we will try to make our team achieve good results until the end of 2023.”