SON’s right knee ice pack. Local media frenzy: ‘SON injury concern. Essential to Tottenham and Korea’

St. James’ Park, Newcastle, England, on March 13. Son Heung-min was wearing a large ice pack on his right knee.

The local media in England went into a frenzy.

The Sun, a popular British newspaper, and Football London, a specialized soccer media outlet, reported on the same day that ‘a photo of Son Heung-min wearing a large ice bag on his right knee was released ahead of the game.

Football London tweeted, ‘Son Heung-min is pictured wearing an ice pack on his right knee. There were concerns that he would miss the game due to injury.

스포츠토토 The Sun published a photo of Son running with protective taping on his right knee. However, the publication said, “He did the same in the last game against Wales, and after checking, there are no injury concerns.

Football London said, “Son is an integral part of Tottenham and the South Korean national team. He is the captain of not only South Korea but also Tottenham.

Local media reacted immediately to concerns about Son’s right knee injury.

That’s how important he is.

Tottenham has three wins and a draw in four games this season. Son is their ace leader.

He plays up front, switching between winger and center striker. His presence has allowed the likes of James Maddison, Pape Sarr, Yves Bissouma, and Dejan Kluczewski to work in synergy. Son’s presence has been a fundamental reason for Tottenham’s rise.

He dominated the game against Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi defense focused on him. He was marked 2-3 times, but because of the low intensity of the defense, Heung-min was able to move freely between the first and second lines and enjoy the free rolls. In short, he was brilliant. His partnership with Lee Jae-sung was good, but Klinsmann relied too heavily on Son Heung-min. After running all over the field, Son Heung-min felt the physical strain in the second half, but injury concerns were allayed.