Son Heung-min’s best friend ‘fallen genius’ dyes his hair blue → Everton fans go berserk: “He’s on course for a 20-goal season”

In early April, the English Premier League was inundated with heartbreaking stories about “fallen geniuses”. Fans were outraged that the player seemed to have given up on soccer 메이저사이트, but as time went on, sympathy grew for the player, and there were calls for soccer players to band together to bring the “genius” back.

This is the story of Dele Alli, a former Tottenham player who was a close friend of Son Heung-min. After moving to Everton, Alli went on loan to Turkkiye last season. Of course, it was a loan, with the option to return after a season.

Before his fall, Ali was told he was a natural for England. He played 37 times for England between 2015 and 2019. He was previously named the PFA Young Player of the Year twice.

Alli moved to Tottenham in 2015 and played as an attacking midfielder. He was so talented that he scored 10 goals in the league in his first season. The following season, he scored 18 goals. Leading the attack alongside Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Christian Eriksen, he sounded like a genius.

But after Alli moved from Everton to Turkkiye, he really fell apart. Injuries caught up with him. He moved to Besiktas, another Turkiye team, but only scored three goals in 17 games. Injuries made for a nightmare season, and eventually Besiktas sold him back to Everton, even though they could have kept him on the cheap. That was last April.

After returning to England, Ali really fell apart. At his birthday party in early April, he was truly broken. A photo of four men and three women posing in bed was leaked. There was also a photo of him drinking “laughing gas”. Fans were quick to criticize.

However, some people felt sorry for the “fallen genius” and said that legends, reporters, directors, etc. should give the fallen genius a chance.

Luckily, Ali came to his senses a few days later and vowed to make a comeback after undergoing hip surgery. “I will definitely come back,” he said. I had a successful surgery and I’m fine now,” he said, thanking his fans for their support.

After recovering from the surgery in just over two months, he debuted a radical new hairstyle. He dyed his hair, and fans went crazy when they saw the new color, thinking it was a hint about where he wanted to play.

In fact, Ali had been linked with a move elsewhere in the summer transfer window. However, he changed his hair color from blonde to blue. He posted a photo of the change on social media 메이저도메인.

Fans cheered because the blue was the color of his current team, Everton. They interpreted it as a sign that Ali had come to his senses and was determined to lead Everton’s resurgence.