‘Solid performance from the trio’ Hongik University beats Kyung Hee University to end losing streak

Hongik University won their qualifying match for the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League against Kyung Hee University 3-1 (25-21, 25-19, 21-25, 25-19) in straight sets at Kyung Hee University Sunseung Hall in Yongin on 26 November.

Eighth-ranked Kyung Hee University (2-2, 5-1) and 10th-ranked Hongik University (1-3, 3-1) faced off. Kyung Hee University came into the match on a two-game winning streak, while Hongik University was on a two-game losing streak.

KU turned the tide. Mayumin (sophomore, OH, 190cm) and Kim Jun-ho (sophomore, OP, 198cm) led the one-two punch with 23 points, followed by Song Gun-hwan (freshman, MB, 198cm) with 10 points. Meanwhile, Kyung Hee University was led in double figures by Park Ye-chan (junior, OP, 200 cm) with 25 points, but it wasn’t enough.

Kyung Hee’s receiving line was shaky from the start. Hongik University took the lead with a service ace from Lee Yoo-bin (Sr., S, 188cm) as they were able to penetrate the Kyung Hee receivers. Kyung Hee University’s offence didn’t get any easier. Back-to-back attacks led to errors, allowing Hongik to extend their lead to a 6-3 double.

The score was not going to get any closer. A block was added to the mix, forcing a Kyung Hee University timeout. Hongik took advantage of the momentum and added a service point from Mayumin to make it a double point again, 12-6.

The gap was not easily closed. Every time Kyung Hee University had a chance to counterattack, they missed with errors. Hongik University, which did not lose the momentum until the end, ended with a block and took the first set.

Hongik University continued the momentum of the first set. A service ace by Song Gun-hwan was followed by back-to-back points to make it 4-0. The momentum was not easily broken, and they further increased their lead.

Kim Jun-ho had seven points, Song Gun-hwan had five, and Mayumin had four. This, coupled with three points from Song Gun-hwan’s serve, allowed Hongik University to take the second set 25-19.

In the third set, Kyung Hee University took its first lead of the match at 3-2, but it didn’t last long. Hongik University quickly turned the tables and took the lead at 6-5. They then extended their lead to 8-5, forcing Kyung Hee University to take a timeout.

Kyung Hee University did not back down easily. They continued to chase down Hongik and got as close as 9-10, and Lee Jung-min served to tie the score at 10-10. After exchanging points, two consecutive blocks gave Kyung Hee University a 16-13 lead.

Hongik University called a timeout, but it wasn’t enough. Kyung Hee University scored four straight points again, holding Hong Ik University to 13 points and reaching the 20-point mark. Kyung Hee University’s scoring streak didn’t stop. From 14-13, they scored eight straight points to go up 22-13.

Hongik University chased hard, but it was difficult to pull away. Kyung Hee University took the third set 25-21 and pushed the match to a fourth set. 안전놀이터

Unfortunately, Kyung Hee University was unable to continue its previous set performance. From the start of the fourth set, Hongik University took control of the score and did not give up the lead. Kyung Hee University changed its setter from Park Jun-seo (sophomore, 183cm) to Park Seo-jin (freshman, 175cm), but it was difficult to change the atmosphere.

Hongik University’s blocking height came alive. Hongik University never relinquished the lead and took the match in four sets, ending their losing streak.