‘Shocking Ronaldo return’ fuels speculation of European return after half a decade. Bayern Munich transfer to be decided in a matter of weeks

Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr) is set to return to European soccer after just half a decade away. With his family unable to adjust to life in Saudi Arabia due to language and cultural differences, a German billionaire known to be a huge fan of Ronaldo has reportedly stepped in to bring him to Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. 안전놀이터

“Ronaldo’s shock transfer option has emerged as a result of the billionaire businessman’s financing,” British media outlet TeamTalk reported on Nov. 22 (KST). ‘Ronaldo could move to Bayern Munich through a deal brokered by German billionaire businessman Markuschen,’ the outlet said, citing a report from German outlet Aventurer Zeitung, ‘and the transfer could be completed within weeks.

Ronaldo made a surprise move to Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr in January after falling out with former club Manchester United last year. He signed for an astronomical €200 million ($268.3 million) until the summer of 2025. Initially, Ronaldo parted ways with United and sought a move to another European team with Champions League eligibility, but no club was willing to take on the ‘troublemaker’. Instead, he made a shocking move to the Middle East, accepting a huge salary offer from Al Nasr.

At Al Nasr, Ronaldo was still in form. He scored 13 goals in 14 games. However, there were reports that Ronaldo and his family were not adjusting to life in the Middle East. This led to transfer rumors. At one point, it was reported that he was pushing for a return to his former club, Real Madrid.

However, the move seemed to fall through as Real Madrid reportedly had no interest in reuniting with Ronaldo.

This is where the “savior” came in. German businessman Schön, a longtime fan of Ronaldo’s, decided to get involved in the player’s move to Bayern Munich. In an interview with the Aventurer Zeitung, Shen reportedly offered the Bavarians a deal: “If it is necessary to acquire Ronaldo, we can start paying extra money beyond the stipulated basic transfer fee. If Munich accept the offer, Ronaldo could be back in Europe in the Bundesliga in a matter of weeks.