Rain clouds aimed at Jamsil… Kia-Dusan game canceled due to rain, now it’s a reality

It’s a ridiculous situation, but it’s reality. The Jamsil game was suddenly attacked by rain clouds and canceled due to rain. It was a frustrating day for fans at the stadium.

The game between Doosan and KIA, scheduled to take place at Jamsil Stadium on the 5th, was canceled due to sudden rain before kickoff. Initially, there was no rain forecast for the day, so it was expected that the game would be played normally, but the sudden rain clouds threw off the schedule.

The skies were clear until around 5:50 p.m., when the away team, KIA, finished training. There was no sign of rain. When it started to rain, I thought it was just a shower. The sky was pretty clear. It looked like rain on a dry sky. We set up tarps, but it looked like we would be able to play after the rain stopped and the stadium would be ready for the delay.

However, the rain didn’t stop as easily as we thought. It continued to rain a fair amount. With the sky relatively clear, the stadium officials began to panic as the rain was falling in spurts. After about an hour of rain, the field became unplayable.

Eventually, at 6:55 p.m., it was decided to cancel the game. It would take more than an hour to clear the field after the rain stopped. It was difficult to wait for the rain to stop, and the rain actually intensified after the call was made. It was a ridiculous rainout. There was no reserve day for this game, so it was organized at a later date. 소닉카지노

The home team Doosan players Heo Kyung-min, Jung Soo-bin and Yang Seok-hwan performed a rain ceremony for the fans. This is Doosan’s 19th rainout of the season and KIA’s 21st.

According to the weather radar, there were no rain clouds in the central region. The same was true for the entire central region. Only rain clouds formed near Jamsil Baseball Stadium, in the southeastern part of Seoul. It didn’t extend very far east. It didn’t rain at all near the Gocheok Dome in the west of Seoul, but only near Jamsil Baseball Stadium, where the rain was “aimed” and the game was canceled.

While there may be some advantages and disadvantages depending on the conditions, both teams would have been better off playing today, especially with so many games pushed back. KIA, in particular, has the most games left in the league this season. They are already facing a tough schedule at the end of the season, and with today’s game canceled, they have one more game to play.

KIA was scheduled to start Hwang Dong-ha on the 5th, but Thomas Pannoni will start on the 6th. This is the scheduled rotation. Doosan, who also have a lot of games this week, will start Kwak-Bin Kwak on the 6th.