‘Prodigal Genius’ Dele Alli Wishes SON a Happy Birthday…”Son Heung-min, My Brother, I Love You!”

Dele Alli, who was once Son Heung-min’s best friend and now a “prodigal genius,” has been in the news for wishing the South Korean a happy 31st birthday.

On July 8 (KST), Son’s team, Tottenham, posted a happy birthday message on their official social media accounts, saying, “Son Heung-min, happy birthday to you.”

July 8 is the birthday of one of South Korea’s greatest soccer stars, Son Heung-min. Born in 1992, Son Heung-min celebrates his 31st birthday today. This makes him 31 years old. Until recently, South Korea used to use “counting age” rather than “full age,” so Son was 32 years old in South Korea, but with the change in the law, his age has been reduced to “full age,” which has made a lot of news overseas.

When Son Heung-min, one of the team’s key players and top stars, celebrated his 31st birthday, Tottenham didn’t forget and created a poster to wish him a happy birthday and posted it with a message.

Many fans around the world also congratulated the best soccer player in Asia.

One of them was Ali, who wished Son a very happy birthday. Taking to social media, Alli posted a photo of the former Tottenham player rubbing shoulders, saying, “Happy birthday, my brother, I love you,” and adding a purple heart emoji.

Alli has been one of the best helpers in Son’s Premier League career. In early April, Alli was thrust back into the spotlight when Son scored his 100th Premier League goal against Brighton.

Of Son’s 100 Premier League goals at the time, Kane topped the list with 23 assists, followed by Eriksen, who now plays for Man United, with 10. In third place is Alli with nine.

Born in 1996, Alli has been in the Tottenham lineup since 2015, when he was 19 years old, and has been an immensely talented player, contributing no small amount to Son’s early Premier League goals.

His contribution over time is almost as great as Kane’s, considering he only had four sparkling seasons before falling out of favor in 2019/20. Not only did he provide assists, but he was often the initiator of Son’s goals.

He and Son also had a fantastic chemistry on and off the field, right down to their handshake rituals.

But that’s as far as it went, as he rapidly fell out of favor at Tottenham around 2020 and is now struggling to play in the Premier League 메이저토토.

It’s sad to see Alli bounce from Everton to Turkkiye Besiktası and then out of the club, only to be mocked by the English soccer world for his decadent birthday party three months ago. Alli is back at Everton and showing signs of a breakout season. His resurgence will make Son Heung-min happy.