‘Population 1.4 billion derby’ China defeats India 5-1…”No. 1 in world population, and this is it?” mocks

China and India, two countries with a combined population of 1.4 billion, faced off, and China came out on top.

China defeated India 5-1 in their Group A match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Huanglong Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, China, on Monday afternoon (Aug. 19).

The home team struck first. After dominating from the start, China opened the scoring in the 17th minute through Gao Tianyi. He rattled the net with a precise left-footed finish off a loose ball from a corner kick.

India equalized. In first-half stoppage time, Rahul Kanoli Praveen equalized with a powerful right-footed shot after cutting in from the right side of the box. There was no angle, but the ball found its way between the goalkeeper and the post.

At this rate, they would be humiliated in front of their home fans. However, China stroked their pride with a three-goal surge in the second half. In the sixth minute of the second half, Dai Weichun’s daring mid-range effort from distance found the back of the net.

China continued to fire off goal after goal to seal the victory. Dao Qianrong drove a wedge into the game with a multi-goal performance. He made it 3-1 in the 27th minute when he slotted home a mid-range shot that was deflected by the keeper, and three minutes later he finished with his knee after falling over a cross from the right.

The scoring continued for China in second-half stoppage time. Fang Hao’s diagonal shot from the right side of the box hit the left post and bounced into the back of the net, and he celebrated by performing the trademark “SIUUUU” celebration of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Some Chinese fans rejoiced in the victory over India, the world’s most populous country. “Can’t you find 11 people playing soccer in the most populous country in the world?” one fan scoffed on QQ.com, while others said, “India is following in China’s footsteps,” and “India has more people than us. It just goes to show that it’s harder to find 11 people.”

“It’s a struggle. There are almost 3 billion people in the world, and there are less than 24 people who can play soccer well…” and “This is amazing. They beat India by a big score. China is expected to win the World Cup,” and other self-help comments. 토토사이트