NBA re-challenge through the tunnel of rehabilitation… Hyunjoong Lee “If you get frustrated, it happens again”

After going through a long rehabilitation tunnel, Lee Hyeon-joong (23) returns to the United States where he misses. The challenge of youth starved for dreams is starting again.

On the 13th, two days before departure, Lee Hyun-joong held a press conference at the Peyto Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul, and announced his full-fledged comeback. “It was the first time I was seriously injured. He was frustrated, but as time went by, I thought that struggling alone would be poisonous. I think it was a good lesson for me to take a closer look at my body, make it, and strengthen it,” he said. “I learned the most when I failed. Even if I keep failing, I want to keep trying. There is no fear of failure.”

Lee Hyun-joong, who has been living abroad for a long time with the goal of joining the NBA, experienced peaks and valleys last year. He played as an ace shooter for three seasons at Davidson University, famous for being Stephen Curry’s (Golden State Warriors) alma mater, and earned a spot in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Tournament called ‘March Madness’ last spring. Although he lost to strong Michigan State University in the first game, it was a valuable achievement for Lee Hyun-joong.

Then, it was an injury that stopped him, who boldly entered the Mi Pro Basketball draft. In June, while touring the club for 온라인카지노. a workout (rookie mock test), he seriously injured the vertebrae and ligaments in his left foot and was on the operating table, and was not nominated in the ensuing draft. Lee Hyun-joong said, “As soon as I was injured, I felt that something was wrong. He looked back at the time, saying, “I want to tell me that I suffered a lot in the past.”

After the first challenge toward his lifelong dream failed, a long six-month rehabilitation began. Returning to Korea, he used this period as a time to upgrade himself as a basketball player. Lee Hyun-joong said, “I usually feel physically weak, so I paid attention to building my body.” However, the body is not heavy at all, and the speed seems to have increased rather.”

Mentally, too, he became stronger. Lee Hyun-joong said, “(Injury) trauma is also mental after all. On the day he started the rehabilitation exercise, he went and trained wearing the same clothes he wore when he was injured.” Looking back at the pick-up game in September, when he caught the basketball for the first time after desperate rehabilitation, he said, “It is time to run with a limp. He was happy even though he did not defend and just threw lightly and ran. It was a time for me to know how much I love basketball.”

The thirst for basketball is greater than ever. After failing in the draft, Hyunjoong Lee toured the G-League, which is equivalent to the minor league of Mipro Basketball, and eventually entered the NBA, referring to Yuta Watanabe, a Japanese forward who is active in the Brooklyn Nets, and said, “It is too stimulating. It’s a case similar to mine. I have seen people who do not give up, who are not afraid of failure, who, regardless of whether they are black or white, become stronger as they attack and break without fear. I want to learn that attitude.”

Confidence is as strong as earnestness. Hyunjoong Lee said, “(At the time of the workout) Trainer Packie Turner told me, ‘You are the best shooter in this draft class. Don’t forget that.’ I have pride in shooting,” he said. “For basketball to be comfortable, the shot must go well. I want to show that I am a shooter, so I shoot confidently even if I don’t go in, keep shooting when I go in, and use it against it when the defense gets worse.”

Lee Hyun-joong plans to return to the United States and receive a final check from Dr. Richard Perkel, who performed the surgery last summer, and adjust the re-challenge schedule according to his physical condition. He said, “I think (my body condition) is 100%.” In addition, Lee Hyun-joong said, “It is a challenge that I like. When I fail and get frustrated, I rise again like a zombie, and when I try, I will do it with Lee Hyun-joong and continue to challenge like that.”