“My salary is 600 million, why do they say 6 billion?” The second Ronaldo + Barcelona ‘shock’

La Liga president Javier Tebas has revealed that the league’s salary cap has been set at a level higher than what João Felix was paid by Barcelona.

“La Liga valued Felix’s contract much more highly,” Spanish media outlet Sport reported on Friday.

On June 2, it was officially announced on Barcelona’s official website that Felix will be loaned to Barcelona until June 30, 2024. It’s a dream come true for Felix, as he’s moving to the club of his dreams.

The Portuguese striker has been touted as the next Ronaldo in his country.

After playing for Portuguese giants Benfica, Felix moved to Atletico Madrid in 2019 and became the club’s new number 7, replacing Antoine Griezmann, who left for Barcelona that year. Atletico had high hopes for Felix, given that he was given the number 7 jersey, the symbol of an ace, but his performances did not live up to expectations.

After a loan spell at Chelsea, Felix was unable to rebound, and ahead of this summer’s transfer window, he released a statement expressing his desire to move to Barcelona, which caught Atletico off guard. Barcelona were initially uninterested in Felix, but with the departure of promising youngster Ansu Pati to Brighton on loan, they snapped him up on loan.

Felix took a huge pay cut to get to his dream club. According to Spanish media, “Felix said he would have accepted the Saudi offer if it was just about the money. He agreed to accept a salary of 400,000 euros ($570,000) from Barcelona, plus a championship bonus only. He is confident that he will be a good fit for Xavi Hernandez’s team and his goal is to convince Barcelona to sign him next summer with his best performances,” Felix said, revealing the level of weekly wages he has chosen.

Felix was reportedly earning a weekly salary of €280,000 at Atletico Madrid. This translates to an annualized salary of €14.6 million (approximately $20.9 billion), and Felix accepted a salary of one-sixth of his previous salary to join Barcelona.

Despite Felix’s low salary, reports have emerged that La Liga has valued the contract at a higher level and applied it to the salary cap, rather than the €400,000 (approximately $560,000).

Sport said: “Tebas responded to Barcelona by announcing the salary cap for the first division. Some asked about the signing of Felix, and Tebas answered questions about the player’s salary situation.”

According to the report, Tebas said of Felix’s salary: “You have to judge it by what the club pays the player, but in some cases there are internal evaluations that adjust the figures to the market price. We have assessed that Felix’s contract is worth more than what Barcelona is paying. Therefore, no matter how much we reduce the salary, the contract is reflected above the agreed amount.” 토토사이트

It’s a shame for Barcelona. The club, which has been forced to reduce players’ salaries in order to reduce its salary cap due to financial concerns, could have gotten some breathing room by reducing Felix’s salary, as La Liga would have valued it more highly and would have had less salary cap to reduce.

However, Tebas was happy with Barcelona’s move. “Tebas was happy with Barcelona’s brass, and he only said that he trusts the way Juan Laporta and the board of directors have handled the situation, despite the fact that journalists have questioned the signings,” the outlet reported, adding that he believes the club has complied with the salary cap.

With Felix’s 97.3% salary cut likely to have had little financial impact on the club, it will be interesting to see when Barcelona’s salary cap issues will be fully resolved.