Kyonggi University Lee Yun-soo, who found confidence, raised 30 points and exuded his presence

“I will try to make our team more united.”

Kyonggi University won with a set score of 3-1 (25-19, 25-27, 25-16, 25-20) against Sungkyunkwan University in the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League held at the Suwon Kyonggi University Gymnasium on the 10th.

Lee Yoon-soo (Sophomore, 198cm, OH), who started from the first set, scored 30 points, including two serves and one blocking, and was responsible for the most points among both teams. It was a match that established himself as the ace of the team.

In the last 2022-2023 KOVO draft, Bae Sang-jin (KB Insurance) joined the pro. Lee Yoon-soo took his place, who showed good performances in both offense and defense. Last season, despite being a freshman, Lee Yoon-soo showed off his great height and powerful attack and took a seat on the court from time to time.

Lee Yun-soo, whom we met after the game, said, “I had a long break after the last two games. He sighed in relief, saying, “It feels good to start again with good results.” He was also very prepared for the college league, which took place in about a month. He said, “I won the previous two games, but it wasn’t a perfect performance. He explained that he put the most emphasis on teamwork and room management.”

The result of the sweat shed hard was sweet. From the first set, he gave a strong attack with a clear attack power. He laughed, saying, “The atmosphere and performance of our team have improved a lot compared to the first game, but we haven’t shown them all.”

However, Lee Yoon-soo hesitated for a while due to the target hit serve. He said, “I am still anxious about receiving. Receive was also disappointing in this game. It didn’t work out at first, so I kept getting nervous. As the tension continued, it didn’t go well. I am not satisfied, so I will try harder.”

Since Sungkyunkwan University is a team whose strong points are the height and strength of the center, Kyonggi University was also nervous. He said, “The opponent’s center is very good. (Choi) Wonbin hyung played low and took out the blockers well. Personally, he has high blocking, so I thought he should grab an RBI and push it.”

Coach Lee Sang-ryeol also presented carrots rather than sticks to Lee Yoon-soo, who showed clear improvement from last season. Lee Yoon-soo said, “The director says he can do better, so he tells me a lot to be confident. I also seem to be working harder to live up to expectations.”

This game also had its challenges. In the 2nd set, the atmosphere could have been blurred due to the wide score. However, with their teamwork, they created opportunities step by step and eventually led them to Deuce. At an important moment, setter Choi Won-bin’s fingertips turned to Lee Yun-soo. He said, “My offense has increased compared to last season. Focused on offensive practice. Since I have a sense of responsibility that I have to do, it seems that decision-making power comes along at important moments.”

Kyonggi University won three consecutive victories in an undefeated streak. Lee Yun-soo said, “I want to win both the local competition and the U-League. Also, we worked hard so that our team could come together and achieve good results.”

토스카지노 On the other hand, the gyeonggidae that took victory with hot energy. Let’s look forward to this season that will fly higher.