Kim Ho-cheol’s ‘Surprise Choice’… . Abercrombie, why?

There are four new foreign players introduced in the new season women’s volleyball. In addition, two existing players, Yasmin and Moma, moved to a new team and wore new uniforms. Among the seven clubs, Heungkuk Life Insurance (Yelena) is the only team with existing foreign players.

The seven women’s volleyball teams selected all foreign players to work together in the 2023-24 season at a tryout for foreign players held in Istanbul, Turkey on the 14th (Korean time). This tryout was conducted face-to-face for the first time in four years.

As a result of the lottery, IBK, who obtained the first overall nomination, unexpectedly chose left-handed striker Britney Abercrombie (28 191 cm, USA/Puerto Rico). In fact, after digesting the club schedule, Abercrombie arrived in Istanbul at dawn on the day of the draft and played only one of the three evaluation matches. Other clubs also reacted unexpectedly to IBK’s choice.

Coach Ho-cheol Kim said, “Even before the tryout, I was thinking of picking Abercrombie. He has a wide attack range and is left-handed, so he has many advantages,” he expressed satisfaction. It is also explained by the reason that he is the most suitable player for the team situation where he has to play speed volleyball. Coach Kim emphasized, “I could have picked a taller player, but I chose a player who could fit well with our setter.” As a result, Industrial Bank of Korea exercised its first pick in the previous Asian quarter (appointing setter Ponpun) and chose the player it wanted first in the outside tryout.

Second-placed Pepper Savings Bank chose Yasmin, a ‘double-edged sword’. Last season, Yasmin, who belonged to Hyundai Engineering & Construction, had ‘proven destructive power’, but played only 13 games (47 sets) due to a back injury. He didn’t even play in practice during this tryout. Regarding Yasmin’s injury risk, coach Aachen Kim said, “There are risk factors no matter who you choose. He explained the reason for the nomination, saying, “I decided that he could fully recover in about six months.”

On the 13th, right before the nomination, the 3rd place Heungkuk Life Insurance renewed the contract with Yelena (26), who played a big role last season with 3rd place in regular league scoring (821 points) and 2nd place in subs (0.25 per set).

In fourth place, Ginseng Corporation selected outside heater Giovanna Milana (USA), Hyundai E&C selected Moma, who played for GS Caltex last season, and GS Caltex selected Gisele Silva (Cuba, Azerbaijan), respectively. 토스카지노

The road construction was given the last option, but the nomination result made a satisfactory expression. After appointing tall (198 cm) striker Vanja Bukiric (Serbia), manager Kim Jong-min explained, “I saw the height of blocking and attack as strengths, and I chose it because of its great potential for growth.”