‘Kim Han-byeol’s absence’ Director Park Jung-eun “I will protect my pride”

“Our players said we should keep our pride so that we won’t win at home.”

Busan BNK fell into a 3-game losing streak and is currently in 4th place. It is close to being confirmed for the playoffs, but it is one step behind in the competition for second place. BNK, which needs to rebound, faces Asan Woori Bank, who has one win left until the regular league championship is confirmed.

If BNK succeeds in escaping from a losing streak in the face-to-face confrontation with Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball Woori Bank held at Sajik Gymnasium in Busan on the 13th, they can greet the 6th round more pleasantly than ever.

BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said ahead of the game that day, “We need to raise the mood, but it is a game that is receiving a lot of attention. Fortunately, players can boom-up again at home. It is a game where the opponent thinks to win. 스포츠토토 Our players said that we should protect our pride so that we do not win at home. The players also have the idea of ​​colliding. You have to hit it to break it. Kim Han-byul went to the hospital to see his progress or recovery, but there was no improvement, and he said he wanted to prepare for the next match, so he prepared that way.”

It is not even when there is no manager Park Jung-eun, and the venue of the match is Busan Geumjeong Gymnasium, but two years ago, BNK watched Woori Bank win the regular league championship on the home court.

Coach Park Jeong-eun said, “In a way, it was a game that hurt the pride of the players. My opponent congratulates me on winning the regular season, and I have to learn that. There is a process and a role,” he said. “Two years ago, I was clumsy. It’s a stage to show off how much you’ve grown over the past two years. The team below is always challenging. You have to repeat breaking out of a crisis and getting up to become a truly strong team. I play the game while thinking and studying with the players.”