Ki Sung-yong, Cha Du-ri followed by Oh Hyun-gyu…British media “Celtic Medical on the 21st”

News came out that Oh Hyun-gyu would finish his transfer to Celtic.

The report that Oh Hyun-kyu was close to transferring to Celtic came out on the 20th (Korean time). Riyal Thomas, a reporter for ‘Sky Sports’ in the UK, reported that “Celtic is getting closer to signing Hyun-kyu Oh. The transfer agreement will be completed soon and medical tests will be conducted.”

Oh Hyun-kyu is a South Korean national team striker. Born in 2001, he is a next-generation Korean striker with a bright future. From an early age, he grew up with great expectations at Suwon Samsung. After entering the first team stage, he struggled for a while, but gradually began to show his potential at Kimcheon Sangmu.

Oh Hyeon-gyu, who grew up in Gimcheon, was strong. He became Suwon’s ace with his excellent physical ability and strong shooting ability. He scored 13 goals in 36 league games last season, moving him up to 7th in scoring. He even saved Suwon with a miraculous winning goal in the promotion playoff against FC Anyang.

In recognition of this performance, he also boarded the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He ultimately missed out on the game as he remained as a reserve roster player, but promised four years later.

Celtic, who confirmed the growth potential of Oh Hyun-kyu, put an offer in Suwon after the winter transfer window was open. Suwon was in 스포츠토토 a position to never let Oh Hyun-gyu go, but it is known that they are considering a sale due to Celtic’s high transfer fee and the player’s active willingness to transfer.

After the report by ‘Sky Sports’, Scotland’s ‘Football Scotland’ reported on the 21st, “Oh Hyun-kyu is scheduled to undergo a medical test today before signing a contract with Celtic.” The medical test is the final task to finalize his transfer. If Suwon accepts Celtic’s offer and there is no problem in Oh Hyun-kyu’s medical test, there is no obstacle to the transfer.

Celtic is a club familiar to Korean fans. Korean legend Ki Sung-yueng was recruited in the winter transfer market in 2010, and Cha Doo-ri also wore a Celtic uniform in July 2010. Ki Sung-yueng and Cha Doo-ri contributed to winning the League Cup in 2010-11 and the Scottish League in 2011-12. If Oh Hyun-gyu transfers to Celtic, he will become Celtic’s third Korean.