Japan Kiwon, 13 consecutive wins in the Korean Baduk League

“Go is so sluggish that I want to support Japan even against Korea and Japan.”
This is the commentary Yoo Chang-hyeok usually makes whenever the Japanese origin appears. The previous night, while announcing the order of the Japanese Kiwon team for the next game, he turned away from his ‘day job’, saying, “When do you win a game rather than an order…”.

It is a game that the opposing team must win because it is of Japanese origin in this situation. On the evening of the 7th, the government of Go Mecca stepped forward. They faced each other in 3 matches in the 15th week of the regular season and 3 matches in the 8th round of the Sudam League.

In the first half, Go Mecca’s government won 4-0. Kim Ji-seok 9th Dan, Lee Won-young 9th Dan, Seol Hyeonjun 8th Dan, and Moon Min-jong 6th Dan jointly completed the shutout. The matches in the second half were completely different from the first half, but the results were not very different.

Go Mecca Uijeongbu started with the same entry as the first half, and Lee Won-young 9 dan, Kim Ji-seok 9 dan, and Moon Min-jong 6 dan won in turn. They defeated Seki Kotaro 9th Dan, Sakai Yuki 6th Dan, and Hirata Tomoya 8th Dan, respectively. Seol Hyeon-joon, 8th Dan, was defeated by Fukuoka Kotaro, 4th Dan.

Go Mecca’s government, which earned the desired 3 points, rose to second place in the Sudam League. At the beginning of the season, he suffered 3 consecutive losses and showed a sluggish start, but the team is running 4 consecutive wins from the 10th round.

Nippon Kiwon, which took the last train to participate in the KB League for the first time, fell into a 13-game losing streak from the opening game. Although most of the top players in their country were missing and were evaluated as weak, the current victory point is only 3 points. It is one point each earned by losing three ace matchups.

The team that changed the previous 8 consecutive losses (SK Energy in the 2012 season, Hwaseong City in the 2014 season) is unstoppable. Nippon Ki-Ki, who has been in a position to fight for the first win, faces the same overseas team, Taiwan’s Treasure Island Elite, in the next match. 카지노

In the regular season, where up to 3rd place in each league advances to the postseason, on the evening of the 8th, Korea Price Information and Wonik will face off in 5 rounds of 5 interleague games. The individual matches were Kang Dong-yoon-Lee Young-gu (8:6), Kang Seung-min-Lee Ji-hyeon (4:3), Jin Si-yeong-Lee Chang-seok (0:1), Han Seung-ju-Song Ji-hoon (1:0, opponents in parentheses).