‘Jang Jae-young → An Woo-jin replacement’ cancellation of fine dust that came out in 2 years, ‘5 consecutive losses’ Kiwoom should take a breather

Kiwoom Heroes, who are in a 5-game losing streak, took a breather by canceling fine dust.

KBO announced on the 12th that the second game of the season between Doosan and Kiwoom in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ scheduled to be held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul was canceled due to fine dust. While yellow dust from China hit the country, both Doosan and Kiwoom did not conduct outdoor training due to poor atmospheric conditions at Jamsil Stadium.

The last KBO League game canceled due to fine dust was the first leg of the double header on May 8, 2021, LG-Hanwha (Jamsil), KT-NC (Suwon), KIA-Doosan (Gwangju), SSG-Kiwoom (Incheon) . At the time, the KBO League suffered from limping, with games being canceled every day due to the worst fine dust situation.

From the point of view of Kiwoom, who is in a 5-game losing streak, it is not bad to be able to break the flow once by canceling the match today. Moreover, instead of 5th starter Jang Jae-young, Ace Woo-jin An could be selected as a starting pitcher.

Kiwoom was scheduled to have Jang Jae-young as the starting pitcher that day. Doosan also announced that Kim Dong-joo, the 5th starter. However, when the game was canceled, Kiwoom replaced Jang Jae-young with Ahn Woo-jin as the starting pitcher. For Doosan, Kim Dong-joo will be on the starting mound.

An Woo-jin has been making outstanding results this season with an average ERA of 0.69 in 2 games (13 innings) and 1 loss. Although he has yet to win his first win of the season, he showed off his overwhelming pitch by striking out as many as 24 in 13 innings. For Kiwoom, who has fallen into a losing streak, it is now possible to present the most reliable starting pitcher to escape the losing streak. Moreover, Doosan avoided first starter Raul Alcantara without changing the starting pitcher. 토토사이트

Doosan sent trust to Kim Dong-ju without changing the starting pitcher. On the first appearance of the season on the 6th, Kim Dong-ju won a no-run victory against NC in 6 innings, 7 hits, 1 walk, and 7 strikeouts. Manager Lee Seung-yeop said, “Kim Dong-joo will rise to the next level if he throws well this time. He will be able to have fun with himself, feeling that if he is good at baseball, he is this good.”

As the game was canceled due to fine dust, attention is focusing on whether Kiwoom, who has been able to take the starting pitcher matchup to an advantage, will be able to break the long losing streak in the game on the 12th.