‘It’s about 500 million won a week… ‘The ‘money cushion’ of a superstar soaring into the sky. Vinicius surpasses Benzema. Individual sponsors also notice ‘awesome’

‘A new state emperor is about to be released.’

Spain’s Real Madrid’s Vinicius Junior is emerging as an absolute presence who leads the attack in La Liga, as befits the Brazilian national soccer team’s flagship striker.

As evidenced by this, the British media’Score 90′ ​​announced the European league’Best 11′ this season, and Vinicius was selected as a three-top along with Elling Holland (Manchester City) and Kylian Mbafe (PSG).

As the value is skyrocketing like this, the contract extension is virtually certain at the negotiating table this summer. Here, it seems that Vinicius will enjoy the status of a ‘superstar’ even at his ransom.

토토사이트 The British media’Daily Mail’ said,’The current contract of Vinicius, who became Real Madrid’s scorer after Benzema’s generation, is until June 2024, but the contract is scheduled to be extended until 2027.’ It is certain that the promotion will also be included.”

The Daily Mail predicts that there is a high possibility of exceeding the weekly wages of Benzema and Toni Kroos, which were 300,000 pounds (about 500 million won). In terms of money, it is to surpass the prominent senior superstars.

Real Madrid are pursuing three big deals in the upcoming transfer window. The first is to recruit MF Jude Bellingham from Borsia Dortmund in Germany. Here, we need to secure a big striker who will be Benzema’s successor, and the third is the signing of a large contract with Vinicius.

In the midst of this, Vinicius is also facing a ‘big hit’ in a new personal sponsorship contract. While the contract with Nike, which has been sponsored since 2013, has ended, it is currently receiving offers from Puma and Adidas.

Vinicius is known to be hoping for a large contract equivalent to the £20 million a year Holland is receiving from Nike.