Is the PBA in its 5th season a ‘land of opportunity’ for foreign players?

Expectations are rising for the 5th season of the PBA, which is set to open next month. Although domestic and foreign billiards players such as star players are about to face off, the protagonist who will receive a prize money of 100 million won (based on part 1) after fierce competition is also expected to attract attention. What is noteworthy in this passage is whether foreign players are active. This is because several foreign players have always been ranked at the top of the PBA season prize money rankings. Previously, MK Billiard News looked at the faces of 36 foreign players who went through four PBA seasons. This time, we will take a closer look at the prize money earned by foreign players. (Reference data = PBA season prize money ranking table)

During the 4 PBA seasons, 36 foreign players earned a total of 3.3765 billion won in prize money on the first division tour. As a result of listing them in order of individual cumulative totals, the ‘top’ players in the 1st to 8th places on the leaderboard were virtually wiped out. Then, as you go down from the ninth place, the prize money decreases significantly, and some players do not receive even a penny.

◆Foreign player prize money ‘Top 8’ 100 million won… 1st place Kudron, 2nd place Zapata

‘PBA foreign player prize money ranking’ 1st to 8th place won at least 100 million won (tour prize money) during 4 PBA seasons. That is, players who have won more than one tour.

The prize money for these 1st to 8th places amounts to about 88% (2.982 billion won) of the total prize money (3.3765 billion won) for foreign players.

The first place in the foreign player prize money rankings was, of course, Kudron (7 times on tour, 1 time in King Wangjung), who received 894.5 million won. (Kudrong ranks first in the PBA overall, not just foreign players)

The second place is David Zapata (659 million won), the third place is David Martinez (458 million won), and the fourth place is Philippos Kasidocostas (286 million won).

Eddie Repens (5th, 187 million won), Birol Wimaz (6th, 166.5 million won), Maminkam (7th, 166 million won) and Javier Palazon (8th, 1 65 million won) followed.

Therefore, for foreign players who are at least in the top 8 in the prize money ranking, the PBA can be said to be a ‘land of opportunity’ to some extent.

PBA is
the ‘Land of Opportunity’ at the top of the stage of relentless survival of the fittest. Survival itself is unclear at the bottom.
◆Bluute without championship, 34 million won for 4 seasons of six cells… 4 seasons, 17.5 million won leaving Angita PBA

. The total prize money of Nguyen Phuong Linh, who ranked 9th in the prize money ranking, is 55 million won, which is 1/3 of Palazon (165 million won), which is one step higher. Debuting in the PBA from the 3rd game of the 20/21 season, Phuong Linh, who has been playing for the third season, has even won the runner-up once, and the cumulative prize money is around 50 million won.

Turkiye’s Sawash Bulut and Adnan Yuxel, tied for 12th in the foreign player prize money rankings, are founding members who have played since the PBA was launched. Nevertheless, since there is no championship or runner-up, the total prize money for the 4 seasons is only 34 million won. 850 million won per year.

Glenn Hoffman (38 million won) and Robinson Morales (21.5 million won), who left the PBA after working as Team League members, are ranked 11th and 16th in the prize money rankings. (Morales is negotiating a return to the PBA for the 23/24 season) 카지노사이트

Since it is a world of harsh pros, even among the early ‘Spanish’ who are active on the PBA stage, joys and sorrows are mixed depending on their grades. While Zapata, Martinez, and Palazon received billions in prize money, Carlos Angita only earned 17.5 million won (18th) in total prize money. Eventually, Angita left the PBA at the end of the 22/23 season and returned to Spain.

◆ 22/23 PBA debut freshman prize money, mostly several million won, ‘bitter taste’

Most of the players who debuted in the PBA in the 22/23 season with the ‘dream of blue luck’ are also experiencing the bitter taste of the pros. Nguyen Quoc Nguyen of Vietnam, Chan Chapak of Turkey (21st place, 7.5 million won), Andres Karion (24th place, 6 million won), and Ivan Mayor (28th place, 2.5 million won). Only Antonimo Montes earned 19 million won (17th).

Jean-Paul de Bruyne (8.5 million won), Pierre Sumani (4.5 million won), Hary Zamora (2.5 million won), and Tony Carlson (1 million won), who are in the lower ranks, are only in the millions of won. This is partly due to poor performance and only one or two seasons of PBA activity.

After all, PBA is a jungle of survival of the fittest. Foreign players with excellent grades can win hundreds of millions of dollars in prize money, but the survival itself becomes unclear for players with poor grades.

In the 23/23 season, when Sanchez, Cygner, Choclue, Choi Seong-won, Lee Chung-bok, etc. join, this trend is bound to intensify. This is true not only for foreign players, but also for domestic players.