Even Liverpool fell for Kim Min-jae (27, Naples).

Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ reported on the 6th (Korean time), “Liverpool want to sign Kim Min-jae from Napoli, a sensational defender. Coach Jurgen Klopp directly faced him and fell in love.”

As Kim Min-jae’s sensation continued for more than half a season after the transfer, he emerged as the No. 1 defensive reinforcement target for big clubs in Europe. With Son Heung-min’s Tottenham at the forefront, he was continuously linked with Manchester United.

A dark horse came to mind here. Liverpool are in dire need of defensive reinforcements. Although Liverpool boasted an iron-clad defense, it is evaluated that additional reinforcement is needed due to the aging of main defender Virgil van Dijk and injuries to other defenders.

In fact, Liverpool lost 1-3 against Brenford recently. Defensive weakness was properly shown by conceding two goals only in set-piece situations.

Il Martino explained, “Kim Min-jae is the core of Napoli this season. Coach Klopp directly faced Min-jae Kim in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).” 메이저사이트

The media emphasized, “In particular, Liverpool are also interested in recruiting Kim Min-jae in the winter after Van Dijk’s injury. Their rivals will be Tottenham and Manchester United.”

“Liverpool have a lot of central defenders, but Van Dijk’s injury has made them need a solid player. Kim Min-jae is a player of that level, but it won’t come cheap.”