Is it possible for a large runner to become the king of stolen bases? Containment-Added 2 stolen bases to pitch-out, climbed to 2nd place by 1 difference with 7

Is it possible to become the great runner Doru King?

The Grand Runner is a card to score 1 point in a close game situation. He is in charge of the important task of making a scoring chance by going on base as a large runner and stealing second base, digging home even with a short hit from second base, and challenging to score with a short outfield fly from third base.

Players who are the fastest on the team but have the weakest batting are usually given the task of counterrunning.

He has quick feet and stealing ability, but he rarely ranks among the stolen bases because he doesn’t play many games.

It’s still early in the season, but the runners are fighting for first place in stealing, drawing attention. This is Shin Min-jae of the LG Twins.

Shin Min-jae added two stolen bases in the home game against the KIA Tigers in Jamsil on the 28th. At the bottom of the 8th inning, with the score tied 3-3, Kim Hyun-soo, the leader, went on base with a walk, and went out as a runner. After one death, Park Dong-won succeeded in stealing second base at bat and created a chance for the finish line. KIA, who expected to play the first pitch, even pitched out, but it was safe. However, after Park Dong-won’s fly to right field, Seo Kun-chang also failed to score a goal as he also stepped back with a fly to center field.

In the bottom of the 10th inning, he went to bat for the first time this season. Shin Min-jae, who played in the previous 16 games but only appeared as a runner and defensive midfielder at the end of the game and was unable to stand at bat, now entered the plate as the game went into overtime.

Shin Min-jae, who entered the plate after one death, hit a clean left-handed hit from KIA closer Jung Hae-young. A large runner created a chance for himself. And after the 2nd death, when Park Dong-won was at bat, he jumped on the first pitch again and succeeded in stealing second base. This time, he pitched out, but Joo Hyo-sang’s throw was late.

It was a situation where it could have been finished with only one hit, but it was canceled as Park Dong-won’s batted ball was caught by the left fielder. In the end, KIA scored the winning run in the top of the 11th inning and lost 3-4.

Shin Min-jae recorded 7 stolen bases this season with 2 stolen bases that day. 1st place is Kim Hye-seong of Kiwoom Heroes with 8 records. There is only one difference between the two.

Shin Min-jae, who takes pride in being the fastest player on the team, was asked if there was a player in the KBO league who was considered to be faster than himself. It was to compete with the fast player Shin Min-jae recognized as the king of stolen bases.

In fact, Shin Min-jae’s challenge to become the king of stolen bases is not easy. This is because a large runner has only one chance to steal a base in one game, and he may not be able to play if he wins or loses with a large score difference. so few opportunities. Kim Hye-seong, as a starting pitcher, gets on base and steals in every game 카지노사이트.

No matter how much Shin Min-jae’s success rate of stealing increases, there is a high possibility that the difference in the number of attempts itself will increase as the season progresses.

Still, Shin Min-jae’s stolen base in the early stages is clearly shining.