“I’m a scapegoat” social media rant -> post deleted, Man Utd problem child Sancho mends fences?

“I’m a scapegoat.”

Jadon Sancho (United), who made a statement on social media and publicly defied his manager, has since deleted the post.

While this raises the possibility that the conflict could be resolved, it also suggests that Sancho is trying to take advantage of the changed situation at United to get some playing time.

Earlier, Sancho was at the center of controversy over a “red card incident. He wasn’t even on the bench for United’s fourth-round English Premier League match against Arsenal, a pivotal game in their early schedule, raising injury concerns.

But there were other issues. “I didn’t pick Sancho based on his performance in training,” United manager Eric ten Hagg said after the game. At United, you have to reach a certain level every day. That’s why he couldn’t be selected for this game,” he said, citing Sancho’s lack of training, attitude, and work ethic as reasons for his exclusion.

Sancho played consistently in rounds one through three, but kept coming off the bench. It was a public admission by Van Gaal that the reason was because he wasn’t performing.

What’s even more surprising is that Sancho responded to the coach’s sniping with an “anti-name. “I don’t want you to believe everything you read. I won’t allow people to say things that are not true at all,” he said, adding, “I trained very well this week. I believe there are other reasons why I was not selected,” he said, publicly sniping at Ten Haag.

It’s not uncommon for managers to give media interviews to explain why players are selected or left off the roster. Even if Sancho felt unfairly singled out, it’s still the manager’s choice. He can either show it on the pitch, or he can communicate with the manager to resolve it.

The level of protest was also excessive. Not shaking the manager’s hand at substitutions or making gestures of displeasure were the most we could see.

But Sancho went further: “I’ve been a scapegoat for a long time, and it’s very unfair. All I want to do is play soccer with a smile on my face and contribute to the team,” he said, upping the ante and criticizing Ten Haag’s decision.

Sancho concluded by saying, “Of course I respect all the decisions made by the coaching staff. I know it’s hard to play with such a fantastic group of players every week and I appreciate it even more. From now on, I will fight for this badge no matter what.”

It’s a double-edged sword: he’s essentially saying he wants to part ways with Van Gaal completely, but he also wants the support of the United supporters. The stance that he’ll fight to keep his job seemed like it would cause a rift in the squad. 먹튀검증

In the aftermath of the announcement, Man Utd legend and broadcaster Rio Ferdinand, as well as England manager Gareth Southgate, criticized Sancho harshly. British media outlets were quick to report that “Sancho’s relationship with Van Gaal is over. Sancho wants to leave Man Utd,” which led to speculation of a split.

In addition, there was speculation of a move to the Saudi Arabian league. In fact, Saudi Arabian side Al Ittifaq wanted to sign him on loan, but the deal fell through when they disagreed with United over the option of a full transfer. The result was an uncomfortable cohabitation.

According to the British media, Sancho and Van Gaal met during the A-match break but were unable to reach a definitive resolution or narrow their differences. If there was a dramatic reconciliation, it was expected that there would be some sort of statement, but there was no such thing.

However, Sancho deleted his post on social media and the situation took a new turn. Even if the relationship hasn’t exactly mended, it suggests that the saga may be over.

United need Sancho, too. In addition to Sancho’s case, United is currently reeling from Anthony’s domestic violence case.

“Anthony will defer his return until further notice in order to pursue the (legal) process in relation to his allegations,” the club said on November 11. The club is opposed to acts of violence and abuse. It is important that we protect all parties involved in this situation,” the club said in announcing its plans to suspend Anthony from the squad.

Anthony was accused of assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend in January of this year. Since the issue was brought to light by the media, additional victims have come forward. The accusations and accusations in Brazil and the United Kingdom, coupled with the deteriorating public opinion, are making it increasingly likely that he will part ways with the club.

In the end, the Red Devils are left with a gaping hole on the right wing. Sancho, who has been protesting and claiming injustice, is now in a position where he could be a first-team regular. As a result, Sancho’s deletion of his social media posts could be interpreted as a decision to leave the game rather than leave the team in this situation.

We’ll have to wait and see how Sancho’s protest wave ends up.