I bought it, but it’s true… Boelli criticizes ‘anonymous’ player in the locker room

Todd Boelli, the owner of the club, spat bitter words at the Chelsea player.

Chelsea are going through a rough period this season. It started off with a good start under the coaching system of Thomas Tuchel, but the results were below expectations. At the beginning of the season, coach Graham Porter was brought in after firing Tuchel, but the situation did not improve. All domestic cup competitions were eliminated, and European competitions were also on the verge of being eliminated. In the league, it is ranked 11th with only 39 points. The humiliating thing is that the difference in points between ’20th’ Southampton is narrower than ‘4th’ Newcastle United.

But Chelsea can’t make excuses. This is because he has been more active than anyone else in the last two transfer markets. Last summer, we recruited a lot of players immediately, such as Raheem Sterling, Kalidu Koulibaly, Mark Cucurella, and Wesley Popana, and invested about 300 billion won.

It was worse in winter. He invested the highest amount ever in the English Premier League (EPL) to recruit Enzo Fernandez, and also paid 100 million euros (approximately 144.3 billion won) for Mihailo Mudrik. In addition, it cost 500 billion won just to recruit David Darro Popana, Noni Madueke, Marlo Gusto, and Benoit Badiacil.

But few players are worth the money. Only Enzo is positioned as the center of the team, but considering the transfer fee, his performance cannot be said to be satisfactory either. 스포츠토토

After all, after the last match against Brighton, the owner of Boelli directly criticized one of the recruits. The British media ‘Sports Bible’ quoted ‘Guardian’ and said, “The owner of Boelli went to the locker room after the game and criticized one of the players he bought with a lot of money. The player’s name is not known.”

“The Chelsea player mentioned above was dissatisfied with the current situation and even expressed it directly at the training ground,” he added.

It is believed to be one of the players Boelli recruited. The media said, “Chelsea is a player who was bought with a lot of money within the last 12 months.”