Ho-min Jeong, a new challenge in Thailand’s first division league

It is truly a ‘stop break (the important thing is an unbreakable mind)’. This is the story of Jeong Ho-min (29, Farmer Phitchaya FC), who took on a new challenge in the Thai Premier League.

Born in 1994, Jeong Ho-min’s soccer life has a deep story. After entering Gwangju University in 2013, he devoted himself to sports with the goal of becoming a pro. When he was a sophomore at Gwangju University, he gained experience at Yeonggwang FC (K3), run by the school’s soccer team. Afterwards, he returned to the U-League and joined Gwangju FC after graduating from Gwangju University in his senior year. He played an active part under coach Nam Ki-il, who led Gwangju at the time.

Injuries caught up with him. He spent 4 months in rehabilitation due to a stress fracture. He transferred to Gimhae City Hall on loan the following year. In 2019, he moved to Gangneung City Hall. The opportunity has come. He returned to the pros in 2020 wearing an Ansan uniform. After that, he served in the military at Namdong-gu Min Soccer Team and Siheung Citizen Soccer Team. He recently joined Thai farmer Apich Chaya to continue his football career.

Jung Ho-min is running with a more earnest heart than anyone else. Recently, through Sports Chosun, he said, “It was my first time playing abroad. I wanted to try various experiences. I challenged the Thai league with a fluttering heart. In fact, when I heard that I could advance to the Thai league, I thought there was no possibility. Thailand 1 It was because I thought that players who played in K3 could not go to the minor league. I am grateful to the coach who chose me. 슬롯사이트 I will try to be helpful to the team. I think that the players who currently play in K3 and K4 will have plenty of opportunities. I will do my best so that the team can remain on stage in Thailand’s first division.”

Brazilian coach Emelson Ferreira, Nonja Apichaya, said, “I watched the video first and then watched the full game. I liked the sincere and faithful play. Homin came to the team and has already played two games. Knowing the team’s style I am working hard. I am adapting well. I hope that I will do my best in the second half and have good results.”