‘Have you heard of CHEM’, golf’s newest social club?

Recently, CHEM, an emerging social group in the golf industry, has been the topic of conversation on JTBC Golf’s Clubhouse. CHEM is a group of four golfers, from the ‘eldest sister’ Ji-hee Lee (17 years on the LPGA Tour, 6 wins), to Choi Woon-jung (15 years on the tour, 1 win), Lee Im-hyang (11 years on the tour, 2 wins), and the ‘youngest’ Kim Hyo-joo (9 years on the tour, 5 wins), who have different tour careers and ages, but have a lot of similarities with each other and boast an extraordinary chemistry.

They appeared on the LPGA special episode of “Clubhouse” on March 29, revealing their reasons for forming the group and their first impressions of each other.

When Ji-hee, the ‘eldest’, asked how the four became close, Kim Hyo-joo, the ‘youngest’, briefly explained, “I don’t think there was a specific reason for our friendship, we were all close to each other and then we all got together, and I think we got along well with each other and came to this point.”

As a group of players who are active on the LPGA Tour, there are many episodes. This time, Im Hyang, who plays ‘Reaction Rich’ in the group, revealed an episode that happened after they became close. “I remember when Hyo-ju won the Lotte Championship last year, and the three of us were waiting and cheering for her,” she said, adding, “Even though it was an individual event, we were happy as a team, as if I had won.” Choi Woon-jeong added, “We were more nervous than Hyo-joo because we were following her on the last two holes.” Kim Hyo-joo, who was listening from the sidelines, added, “Yeah, it was nice that my sisters were so happy for me,” creating a heartwarming atmosphere. The four briefly reminisced about last year’s situation, then renewed their feisty friendship by challenging each other to win first this year. 먹튀검증

At the end of the program, Ji Eun Hee touched the juniors by telling them to “be with you” as a stress reliever. In addition, “CHEM” showed off their friendship through various episodes.