‘First pitch 8 runs → 5G ERA 0.28’ signs of jackpot McCarty, command tower candid confession “I remembered Moriman in the first game”

SSG Landers foreign pitcher Kirk McCarty (28) is showing great signs.

While preparing for the last winter season, SSG decided to replace Sean Morrimando, who joined as a substitute foreign pitcher last season and played an active role in 12 games (75⅓ innings) with a 7-1 loss and 1.67 ERA. The pitcher SSG chose to replace Morimando was McCarty.

McCarty got off to a bad start. He made his first appearance against KIA on the 2nd of last month, but collapsed with a loss in 3⅓ innings, 10 hits (1 home run), 3 walks, 1 strikeout and 8 runs. But since then, it has shown a surprising change. Excluding his first appearance, McCarty is recording an overwhelming performance with 3 wins in 5 games (32⅔ innings) and an average ERA of 0.28. He also improved his season performance with an average ERA of 2.25 with 3 wins and 1 loss in 6 games (36 innings).

In an interview on the 5th, manager Kim Won-hyung said, “It is now the past, but McCarty was the pitcher who replaced Morimando. In fact, the decision to replace Morimando was not easy. However, the reason why I was able to make a bold decision is that McCarty is a good pitcher. But after he threw his first game, everyone couldn’t help but think of Mori Mando,” he laughed.

Regarding McCarty’s recent performance, coach Kim Won-hyung said, “It’s not that he’s gotten better, it’s that his original ability comes out.” It is clear that Korean baseball is inferior to American baseball, but the stadium atmosphere is as passionate as American baseball. I saw that McCarty might not be able to overcome that pressure easily. However, he expected that his skills would come out as he gained experience.”

Director Kim Won-hyung said, “Mccarty’s original cutter is his main weapon. he is a good pitcher And the curves are good too. In the U.S., there are many hitters who can pass a curveball, but there are relatively few such hitters in Korea. So he advised that it would be good to increase the proportion of curves.” “The important thing is that direct purchase is good. There is power in the direct ball. I think we are getting good results because of the combination of these various things.”

SSG currently has one foreign pitcher vacant. Annie Romero, who had been preparing for the season, could not pitch in a single game due to an injury, and eventually recruited Roennis Elias as a substitute foreign pitcher.

Although one foreign pitcher is missing, the SSG starting lineup maintains the 6th ERA (3.93) in the league. McCarty played a big role in helping the SSG starters survive. Manager Kim Won-hyung said, “Mccarty is holding the center well in the starting rotation,” and expected McCarty’s performance for the rest of the season 크크크벳.