‘Find the 2nd Son Heung-min’ Cha Bum-geun Soccer Award winner announced… go to study in germany

The ’35th Cha Bum-Kun Football Award’ ceremony to support the dreams of young Korean soccer players will be held at the HW Convention Center located in Jongno-gu, Seoul at 11:00 am on March 2nd.

On December 26 last year, through multiple screening processes, the Cha Bum-Kun Football Award Committee selected 19 winners. The main committee consists of a total of eight members, including Chairman Cha Beom-geun, Vice President of the Korea Football Association, K-League club scout, youth director, and soccer commentator.

The Cha Bum-geun Football Award Committee has conducted ‘online recommendation’ for 361 KFA class 1 youth leaders to reflect their opinions on the field nationwide, and judged the top 15% of the players collected online to make the final decision. winners were selected.

From the 35th, ‘Online Recommendation’ and ‘On-site Review’ steps were newly added to enhance the fairness of the review. 바카라사이트 The Cha Bum-geun Football Award Committee plans to run a closed ‘field screening’ committee every year to encourage the efforts of young players.

The best leader category was selected based on diligence, strong will to learn, and understanding of youth soccer.

The 35th Cha Bum-geun Football Award male player and coach are entitled to the ‘Tim Cha Boom Germany Expedition’, and with the help of the German Professional Football Federation (DFL), they will go on an expedition to Germany to experience advanced football culture in July. . The ‘Tim Cha Boom Germany Expedition’, which started in 2017, was replaced by the ‘Tim Cha Boom K-League Tour’ due to the COVID-19 situation that started in 2020 and was held in Korea.

The 35th Cha Bum-Keun Soccer Award is supported by Nexon Co., Ltd., AIA Life Insurance, Adidas Korea, Coca-Cola Korea, LR Health&Beauty, and the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Seoul Two Top Orthopedic Surgery.

The 35th Cha Bum-Keun Soccer Award consists of the ‘Cha Bum-Kun Football Award Men’s Division (FW, MF, DF, GK)’, ‘Cha Bum-Kun Football Award Women Division’ and ‘Cha Bum-Kun Football Award Leader Division’.