Hyo-Jun Park, who was assigned the 3rd designation this offseason alone, is heading to the Triple A team under the Atlanta Braves.

Atlanta announced on its official website on the 6th (hereinafter Korean time), “Park Hyo-joon, who was DFA last week, is heading to Triple A Gwinnett Strippers under the club.”

On the 29th of last month, Atlanta processed Park Hyo-joon by DFA to make room for outfielder Ellie White. Within a week, if a team wanted Park Hyo-joon, he could have been transferred, but no team was looking for him, and he was transferred to the minor leagues.

To Hyojun Park, this winter is particularly cold and cold. In November of last year, he was DFA from the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Red Sox, and later changed his uniform to Atlanta, but he tasted the harsh 스포츠토토 major leagues again. In the end, he couldn’t find a spot, and was made to Triple-A.

‘MLB Trade Rumors’ said, “Park Hyo-joon was not good in offense last season, but showed versatility in defense and main power. If he just gets a little better at hitting, he can contribute to the team.”

In addition, Park Hyo-joon was included in the 50-man WBC interest list announced last November and was about to board the national team for the first time in his life, but was eventually eliminated from the final list.

Regarding the background of the dropout at the press conference, Technical Committee Chairman Cho Bum-hyun said, “Park Hyo-jun does not currently have a team. In that case, he made the choice to use domestic players and young players,” he explained.

Fans are focusing their attention on whether Park Hyo-joon, who is having a particularly cold winter, will be able to join the major league roster again.