Choi Soo-hyun’s draft challenge. Why not Hwang Young-mook?

In 15 days, the application deadline for the KBO Rookie Draft will end with Liberation Day.

While many players have officially applied for the KBO draft, the Yeoncheon Miracle of the independent league also introduced one of their players in a press release. Hwang Young-mook is the main character. This year, Hwang Young-mook also applied to be drafted and is now waiting for the results. 안전놀이터

Youth Baseball Organization – Standing out through the Korea Baseball Organization
Hwang Young-mook but not Choi Soo-hyun?

Hwang Young-mook would have been coveted in the pros. He was a standout in the KBS Youth Baseball Team, and in the tryouts held at the time, he received interest from several teams, including KIA and NC. However, KBO rules prevented them from taking him on as an independent league player. Hwang Young-mook, who went to Chungang University after graduating from Chung Hoon High School, dropped out of school in his freshman year and joined an independent team. According to the rules, a player who withdrew from school cannot apply for the draft until the same year he graduated. In Hwang’s case, he had to wait until his senior year of college to be eligible. This special rule left many people disappointed at the time of the Youth Baseball Organization.

In Hwang’s case, it was understandable. After dropping out of college, Hwang hit .422 with 167 hits in 396 at-bats in the independent league. Last season, he was named the league’s Most Valuable Shortstop for his 23-game hitting streak and cycling. This season, he was selected as a Gyeonggi Independent League All-Star and participated in the Japan-Korea Independent League Exchange Game in Japan, proving his ability.

For these reasons, Hwang is eligible for the draft under the same status as players who are about to graduate from college.

So, can utility man Choi Soo-hyun, who also plays for the Yeoncheon Miracle and appears on JTBC’s Strongest Baseball, participate in the draft?

Unfortunately, Choi is not eligible for the draft. He already exercised his draft rights when he graduated from Korea University. As of now, he can join any of the 10 teams in the league, either through developmental or free agency. This is the same as the case of Han Kyung-bin (Hanwha), who entered the professional league through the Korea Baseball Organization.

A representative from Yeoncheon Miracle told MHN Sports, “It is common for players to sign developmental contracts, but in the case of Kim Won-seok (formerly of Hanwha), he signed a registered player contract. Moreover, Choi Soo-hyun is proving his worth on TV. It wouldn’t be strange at all if he could be used immediately,” he said, showing his affection for the player.