“Chan-ho, please hold on” After going 8-for-11 in three games, Kia has no choice but to lean on Park Chan-ho

Kia is back in fifth place for the first time in a long time.

Doosan, which was riding a nine-game winning streak until the start of the second half, struggled with Yang Ji’s injury. On Aug. 18 at home against Kiwoom, KIA defeated Kiwoom behind a strong performance from Socrates to return to the top five and create a bridgehead for the top four.

From now on, it’s a battle of survival. It’s more about who can hold on than who can go up. This is a tough time for the team, both physically and in terms of rotation, as it’s time for a full sprint. However, there is one player who stands out. Shortstop Chan-ho Park.

In the three-game series, Chan Ho Park was insane. He went 8-for-11 at the plate. Every at-bat was a hit, and there were very few at-bats where he didn’t get a hit. KIA struggled mightily against Kiwoom, but thanks to Park Chan-ho’s performance, they were able to pull out a win in the series.

The team as a whole is not in great shape right now. For starters, Yang Hyun-jong was sent down to the Futures due to his extreme poor performance. Mario Sanchez, who replaced Medina, hasn’t been as good as expected either. Lee Yi-ri and Yoon Young-cheol have held up, but Panoni is the only player in the starting lineup who can actually go the distance.

Add to that the fact that Jeong Hae-young and Choi Ji-min aren’t in the best of shape in the bullpen, and KIA absolutely needs its bats and defense to step up. If the batting and defense falter, they could easily give up a ton of runs and fall apart.

In that sense, the performance of Park Chan-ho, the center of the offense, is very important. In fact, Kim Jong-kook wanted to use Park at the No. 9 position as much as possible.

He knew how hard it would be for him. But when Choi Won-jun went into a severe slump, he was forced to move Park to the number one spot. I realize that Park Chan-ho, who is currently playing all of his games at shortstop, has a hard time batting first, but I don’t have any other option.

Kim Do-young is not good enough to bat first. He hasn’t drawn any walks in the top of the order, and Choi Won-jun is under a lot of pressure at the top of the order. In the end, the alternative is Park Chan-ho.

The same goes for the defense. With Park Chan-ho playing well in defense, KIA’s third base has regained its stability. Kim Do-young has also settled in perfectly at third base.

Currently, Park Chan-ho is on the verge of his first career triple. His batting average is the highest among all shortstops with regular at-bats. He also leads the league in WAR at 2.71 (according to Statistiz). He also leads the league in stolen bases with 19. He also has the most hits. He’s the only player in the league who starts every game at shortstop. That’s enough to give him a shot at the Golden Glove. He”s one of the favorites, along with Oh Ji-Hwan.

My only concern is my stamina. It’s a tough time for them, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they slowed down at some point. 안전놀이터

On top of that, KIA has the most games remaining among the 10 teams. It’s not easy to manage fitness. But there is no alternative. Park Chan-ho needs to hold up his end of the bargain in the offense and defense if KIA is to finish in the top four.

Can Chan-ho lead the team to the top four in the remaining 46 games and achieve a career-high triple-digit batting average? If he does, his first golden glove will come naturally.