Celtic’s 4th proposal Suwon “reconsidering the transfer of Oh Hyun-gyu… a proposal that is difficult to refuse”

Professional football K-League 1 Suwon Samsung striker Oh Hyeon-gyu (22) has entered a new phase in his overseas expansion. Suwon, who shouted ‘impossible right now’, announced its position that it would comprehensively review whether to transfer after receiving the ‘fourth proposal’ from Celtic in the Scottish Premier League.

Celtic has shown continuous interest in Oh Hyun-gyu even before the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar was held, and officially proposed a scout after the World Cup.

However, Suwon’s position was clear in the beginning. He said, “I actively support the player’s trip to Europe, but as it is an irreplaceable resource, please accompany Suwon more until this season.” So Suwon rejected all Celtic offers.

But recently the tide has changed. Celtic, who had been rejected three times, made a fourth proposal without giving up, but it contained conditions that Suwon would find difficult to refuse.

An official from Suwon explained to ‘News 1’ on the 20th, “There was news that the transfer fee was 2.5 million euros (about 3.4 billion won) in some foreign media, but in reality, I was offered a higher amount than that.”

In Europe, when the transfer fee goes up, the player’s salary also goes up. As a result, the annual salary that Oh Hyun-gyu will receive has also increased. An official said, “Celtic offered 10 times the salary Oh Hyun-gyu would receive (in the K-League) this season. It is a level that is difficult for us to afford.”

Suwon is not in a situation where it is not easy to prepare alternative resources if Oh Hyun-gyu leaves immediately, but it has become a situation where it cannot be refused unconditionally if it promises to treat the club and players to this 헤라카지노 extent.

An official from Suwon suggested that the possibility of Oh Hyun-kyu’s transfer has increased, saying, “It is not uncommon for a chance to play in Europe under these conditions.

A move to Celtic has not yet been confirmed. An official added, “Still, we can’t just send it away. If Oh Hyeon-gyu leaves, we will decide what the alternative is and whether it is possible to recruit a substitute player. We plan to make a final decision within the Lunar New Year holiday at the earliest.”

Currently, Hyungyu Oh is digesting the winter training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do with the Suwon team. If Suwon accepts Celtic’s offer, Oh Hyun-kyu will board a flight to Glasgow without participating in Suwon’s subsequent training in Jeju.