Can we achieve ‘3000K with 96 remaining spare HOFs’?

Can Zack Greinke (40, Kansas City Royals), who has already booked a Hall of Fame induction, retire after striking out 3,000?

크크크벳 On the 28th (Korean time), Kansas City had an away game against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Greinke, who started as a Kansas City starting pitcher that day, threw 88 pitches (53 strikes) in 3 2/3 innings, allowing 8 hits and 7 runs. He also hit two home runs.

During 3 2/3 innings on this day, Greinke was hit by numerous batters and earned only 3 strikeouts. As a result, Greinke recorded 22 strikeouts this season and 2904 strikeouts in his career.

3.67 per game. There are 96 left until he strikes out 3,000 in his career. If this continues, it will take 27 more games to achieve 3,000 strikeouts within this season.

The problem is that Greinke’s pitching is becoming difficult to sustain in the major leagues any longer. Currently, Greinke’s ERA stands at 6.10.

The start wasn’t bad. Greinke allowed 2 runs in 5 1/3 innings and 1 run in 6 innings on the 31st and 6th of last month, respectively. However, he has since gone on to record 18 earned runs in four games.

Kansas City is Greinke’s home team, and the current record is not important. This will serve as an advantage for Greinke.

It is also possible to play one more season if only to achieve 3,000 strikeouts. The problem is the pride of Greinke, who reserved the Hall of Fame induction.

It is very difficult to continue a career in a situation where it is difficult to overpower major league hitters with one’s own strength.

Attention is focusing on whether Greinke, who has achieved a lot during his 20-year career in the major leagues, will be able to achieve his final goal of 3,000 strikeouts.