‘Busan vs Sunlin’ by the numbers…77th Golden Lion Final preview

Busan Go and Sunlin Internet Go (formerly Sunlin Sanggo) will play the final game of the 77th Golden Lion National High School Baseball Tournament and Weekend League Wangjungwang at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul at 10 a.m. on Sunday. We break down the final by the numbers as the two teams battle for the first major championship of the season.

1 Busan Go is looking to win its first Golden Lion title since its founding in 1947. Along with the Golden Lion, Busan has won the President’s Cup six times, the Phoenix Cup four times, and the Blue Dragon Cup three times, but has only finished runner-up in the Golden Lion four times. If Busan Go, which hasn’t reached the finals in 31 years since 1992, wins this year’s tournament, it will become the ninth team in history to complete a high school baseball “grand slam. Sunlin Internet Go has won the Golden Lion five times (1963, 1966, 1969, 1980, and 2015).

2 Busan Go will try to win their second straight major championship after last year’s phoenix. Won Sang-hyun (18), who tossed eight and one-third scoreless innings in last year’s phoenix final, was unable to participate in the Golden Lion due to elbow pain. In his place, Sung Young-tak (19) has thrown 10 and one-third scoreless innings in two games, and the sophomore trio of Kim Dong-hoo (17), Kim Jung-yeop (17), and Chun Gyeom (17) have also combined for a 0.78 ERA. In all, Busan High has given up eight runs to its opponents in five Golden Lion games this year. That’s an average of less than two runs per game.

3 This is the third time these two schools have met in the finals of a major tournament. In the 1966 Golden Lion final, Sunlin Sango defeated Busan High 4-0, and in the 1979 Blue Dragon final, Busan High won 5-2. “I remember going home with a bag of calico and sugar as the (championship) prize,” Park Yong-jin, 75, a former manager of the Hanwha second team in professional baseball, who batted fourth for Sunlin Sango in the 1966 final, wrote on his social networking site.

10 Founded in 1952, Sun Lin Internet Go is looking to win its 10th title in the four major tournaments. In total, the team has reached the finals of the four major tournaments 23 times, winning 9 and losing 14. The nine wins are the 12th best, and the 14 runner-up finishes are the 3rd best. BusanGo has 13 wins and 8 losses in the finals of the four major tournaments. The 13 wins are tied for the most fifth-place finishes.

15 This is the 15th time these two teams have met in a major tournament since 1971, when high school baseball had a four major tournament system. In the previous 14 games, Busan High holds the advantage with an 11-3 record (.786 winning percentage). In the quarterfinals of the 1986 President’s Cup, Busan Go starter Kwon Young-il (55) pitched a no-hitter against Sunjin Sango. In that match, current Busan Go coach Park Kye-won (53) scored the winning goal to give Busan Go a 1-0 victory 메이저놀이터.

20 Sunlin Internet High School has stolen 20 bases (1st) in five games of the tournament. Six of those have come from first-year first baseman Choi Jae-young (16). While Choi is shaking up opposing infields with his quick feet, second baseman Lee Jin-woo (18) is also providing a “delicious meal” for the center field lineup with a .409 batting average. Sunlin Internet High School is also the highest scoring team (50 runs) in the tournament.