Best Online Game: Play Strategy and Win

Everyone loves Roulette! The game is easy and a start for all new players in Best Online Casinos or real casinos. That is because the game requires almost nothing but luck! The deluxe wooden round contains numbers from 00 to 36, and it will spin quickly before the dealer throws a small metal ball onto the turntable in reverse! The ball spins 스포츠토토 several times of excitement and fun to settle on only one number,

How to Play Roulette

Players bet on the numbers of the green table on which the hours pass in seconds! Before spinning the shiny wooden round that everyone knows. Players try their luck by placing chips on the numbers on the table. The numbers may look like many digits. But the rules are simple, and you can understand them in minutes.

Let’s think of something. As a rule, players can bet on one or more than one number in this way. But don’t you think that betting on one number is supposed to pay more than a bunch of numbers? If you bet on one number, you will win 35 chips on every chip you bet. On the other hand, you can bet on half of the table numbers in one game, but the winnings are only one chip for each chip you bet.

That’s the idea of ​​the game. You have some money. You can make high-risk bets with big profits if you are lucky enough. You can also make low-risk bets with a low return to ensure you play again! Anyway, there aren’t many rules, and I’ll tell you. But let’s first see the earnings chart for more clarity.

EarningsAvailable bets
1 for 1black/red color
1 for 1even/odd number
1 for 1First half numbers (1 to 18) or (19 to 36)
2 for 1One-third of the numbers (1 to 12), (13 to 24) or (25 to 36)
2 for 1Vertical column (1 to 34), (2 to 35) or (3 to 36)
5 for 1Betting on six numbers
6 for 1Betting 0-00-1-2-3
8 for 1Bet on four numbers
11 for 1Bet on three numbers
17 for 1Bet on two numbers
35 for 1Bet on One Number

As in the table, the fewer numbers players bet, the higher the winnings, which is logical. The problem is that they only have three attempts in which they want to make the highest possible profit because losing means buying more chips.

Some Simple Rules

You didn’t think it was that easy, did you? It is an easy game that anyone can learn in just a few minutes. But like any game, the experience can play a role in winning and losing. But now we are talking about the simple rules of the game that you will see written on a board on every real or online roulette table in online casinos. Here is how to play roulette step by step as if you are in front of the table right now:

Betting Stage

  • People love Roulette because it is easy and depends on luck, be happy even if you can’t win
  • Buy chips from the dealer. (Maximum and Minimum are set on a sign somewhere)
  • Start putting chips on numbers or multiple numbers
  • The place of the chip on the different squares/cells/lines determines the type of bet
  • There are maximum and minimum chips of bet

Disc Spin and End Betting Stage

  • The dealer will throw the ball to spin on the wooden disc
  • You can still place bets. It will give you seconds before asking you to stop betting.
  • Now is the time to wait and hope!
  • The ball will stop on only one number from 00 to 36.
  • The dealer will put something a marker on the table; which is a sign for you not to touch the table now

Profit distribution stage and loss confiscation Let’s play again!

  • The dealer will take non-winning chips
  • Payment for each winning chip
  • He will remove the marker from the table
  • Then deliver the winning chips and bonus to the player
  • He must play at least three laps, and the dealer checks this before throwing the ball the first two times
  • After the third lap, the player can withdraw if he wants

Some Simple Experience

Like most games that rely heavily on luck, Roulette is a game in which the player experiences the joy of adventure and winning money by relying on luck without thinking much or feeling any pressure. That is a feature for all games of chance in general. But roulette players also gain experience from playing it. They can use it to make more money for sure. And that experience is a fun thing in itself besides the fun of the game itself. Players learn to bet better, to stay as long as possible to increase the probability of winning, and to distribute the risk in a way that can cause a huge win!

Now, Where Do You Play Roulette?

You didn’t think the game was that simple, did you? You also can’t imagine the fun it feels when the shiny ball stands on a number you bet. You will love that number. And you will never forget that just a number brought you so much happiness one day. And this is the beauty of the game. It gives a lot of simple things around you a beautiful meaning and a good memory because of the winnings and the good times.

Now, you can enter the online casinos via your mobile phone. And browse many roulette tables in Arabic. You can try all the games before you start playing and earn real money!