“Be quiet, fat” VS “Look in the mirror”… ‘Sign stealing issue’ Toronto-Yankees hot topic

The Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees belong to the Eastern Division of the American League. The battle of words between the two teams is a hot topic 먹튀검증.

On the 18th (Korean time), the New York Post, a New York local media, talked about the war of words the day before (17th) in an interview with Yankees hitting assistant coach Brad Wilkerson.

On the 17th, the two teams had a confrontation in the 5th game between the ‘2023 Major League’ teams held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The scene in question came out at the beginning of the third inning. Benches, including Toronto coach John Schneider, strongly appealed for Yankees third baseman Luis Rojas to get out of the coaching box.

The Yankees did not stand still. Yankees manager Aaron Boone stormed out onto the ground to protest against the umpires, and the benches of the two teams exchanged words.

At that moment, director Schneider spitting out harsh curse words was caught on the broadcast screen. According to the Yankees’ bench, Schneider reportedly told Coach Wilkerson, “Be quiet, fat man.”

The battle of nerves between the two teams began in the 4th game. Yankees main gun Aaron Judge’s at-bat was a problem. Trouble arose when Judge glanced sideways at the Yankees dugout as if stealing an opponent’s sign through the team bench before hitting a home run.

After the game, Judge explained, “I was worried because my teammates on the bench were talking loudly. I turned my head to see who was making noise,” but Coach Schneider did not hide his discomfort, saying, “I’ll have to watch the Yankees running coach.”

On the other hand, the Yankees laughed cheerfully while showing their displeasure. According to Yankees reporter Eric Borland, one Yankees member who requested anonymity said, “Schneider needs to look in the mirror,” and hoped the incident would not spread further.