Bale, a ‘golf maniac’, will challenge to become a professional golfer after retiring?

Will Gareth Bale, nicknamed ‘golf player’, challenge himself to become a professional golfer?

British media The Sun reported, “The organizers of the European golf tournament ‘Legend Tour’ are targeting Bale, who has retired from football at the age of 33.”

Welsh legend Bale officially announced his retirement from active duty on the 10th through SNS, saying, “After careful and careful consideration, I declare my retirement from club and international football competitions.”

While playing for Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid and LA FC, Bale scored 186 goals and 137 assists in 554 games and lifted 22 trophies, including five UEFA Champions League titles.

Bale, who also scored 40 goals in 111 matches for the Wales national football team, took part in the 2022 Qatar World Cup while leading the World Cup finals in 64 years and played his first World Cup match in his life.

Meanwhile, the golf world reached out when world-class sports player Bale announced his retirement from active play.

“We all know Bale’s incredible passion for golf,” said Keith Mitchell, chief marketing officer for the Legends Tour, in an interview. .

The ‘Celebrity Series’ 바카라 is a tournament that competes for 100,000 pounds (approximately 151 million won) donated to charity.

“We send invitations to 50 to 60 famous people, and we’ll ask them to see if Bale wants to participate in this year’s contest,” he added.

Bale, who has gained great fame as a soccer player, enjoys golf as a hobby, and is famous for his love for golf.

While playing for Real, Bale was often seen playing golf on the golf course, and Real teammate Thibaut Courtois said, “Bale’s nickname in the locker room is the golfer.”

He even built a mini-golf course at home, and he was criticized for playing golf even though he was often injured during his Real Madrid days and couldn’t play properly.

Now, with no one to criticize as he takes off his soccer shoes, attention is focusing on whether Bale will go beyond his hobby and challenge himself as a professional golfer.