Atlanta, Matthews, Fernando, Securing the Picking Rights

The Atlanta Hawks are rewarded with the pick.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnalowski, on the 10th (Korean time), Atlanta defeated Justin Halladay (forward-guard, 198cm, 82kg) and Frank Kaminski (forward-center, 213cm, 109kg) against the Houston Rockets. said to be sent to

Instead of sending Holliday and Kaminski, Atlanta decided to get Garrison Matthews (guard, 198cm, 98kg) and Bruno Fernando (forward-center, 208cm, 109kg) from Houston. Reporter Kelly Ico of 『The Athletic』 then reported that Atlanta would receive two second-round picks (from Oklahoma City).

# Trade Overview
Hawks get Garrison Matthews, Bruno Fernando, 2024 Round 2 ticket, 2025 Round 2 ticket
Rockets get Justin Halladay, Frank Kaminski

Why Hawks?
Atlanta secured the nomination along with spending cuts with this trade. He already has a lot of expenses, and bringing him to Sadiq Bay has greatly increased his annual salary. I used up 5 tickets for the 2nd round while sending Bey. As a result, he sent Halladay and Kaminski, who were out of power, and secured assets by holding two 2nd round picks along with players with lesser ransom.

Holliday and Kaminski are both out of contract at the end of the season. Halladay’s salary this season is about $6.29 million, while Kaminsky makes about $1.84 million. Kaminsky earns the lowest salary, but his annual salary totals more than $8 million. So, they sent the two and brought in Matthews and Fernando, whose combined annual salary was only about $4.7 million. 바카라

Those who were brought in have contracts until after this season, but they are in fact expiring contracts. Matthews’ salary next season is not guaranteed. He signed a four-year, $8.2 million contract in the summer of 2021. Fernando signed a four-year, $11 million contract with Houston ahead of this season, and now the contract begins. Salary for the next season and beyond is not guaranteed, and the final year is classified as a team option.

Why Rockets?
Houston has cleared players with this contract. He already has a lot of rookie-level players. The deal with Atlanta increased spending this season, but cleared players who won’t be with next season. He used some of the naming rights he secured through a trade with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the offseason. It can be meaningful to receive players whose contracts expire through the cleanup of existing players.

In addition, there are too many young players, so there is no aspect of adding experience. Holliday and Kaminski deserve to be classified as veterans. In Houston, Eric Gordon (Clippers) and Boban Marijanovic sent Gordon as a follow-up trade to players in their 30s. The odds of him staying with them after the season are slim, but if he needs an experienced player, there’s a good chance he’ll sign a new contract with one of them.