Are there any other candidates besides me? I will not! Nagelsmann’s reason for rejecting Chelsea manager ‘absurd’

Julian Nagelsmann has revealed why he turned down the Chelsea manager’s job.

The British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 24th (Korean time) that ‘Nagelsmann withdrew from the candidacy because he felt uneasy about Chelsea’s recruitment process.’

Nagelsmann knew he would take the helm at Chelsea. He wasn’t, judging by the circumstances. He also found out that he was one of the candidates. He is dissatisfied here.

The Daily Mail, citing sources, said: ‘Nagelsmann had serious concerns about Chelsea’s recruitment process. Nagelsmann believed the Chelsea manager was his job and the meeting was a formality. However, he explained that his uneasiness increased when Chelsea met Mauricio Pochettino and Vincent Kompany back-to-back.

The Daily Mail reported that Nagelsmann had “grown doubts” and decided to step down on Friday. During the discussion, Pochettino made a deep impression. It is currently being discussed as a candidate for first place. A decision is expected to be made soon,” he added.

Nagelsmann’s position is also understandable.

He most likely has a feeling that he has no authenticity towards him and that he is being tested of some sort. He cannot predict what negative impact the club’s management will have in the future if the initiative is taken away even before the contract is signed.

But he also feels a bit arrogant.

Appointment of a manager is the most important task that will determine the fate of a club for several seasons. Of course, there are cases where there are abundant data on various candidates, so after making an internal decision without an interview, they go all-in to the first target. It is also possible that the club itself may decide that an interview is necessary because there is something lacking in the survey conducted by the club itself.

If our positions are different from this point on, it might be right to break up like this in the first place.

The Daily Mail said, ‘Chelsea has selected the first seven candidates. narrowed it down to four. With Nagelsmann’s resignation, the number was reduced to three. Chelsea have had a disappointing mid-table finish this year. I can’t even go to the European competition. Whoever takes the helm at Chelsea will face many challenges.” 메이저놀이터