Admiring Darvish’s 35-pitch bullpen pitching, “All breaking pitches are great”, intuition with a ‘160km monster pitcher’ phone

Darvish Yu (37, San Diego) pitched in the bullpen for the first time after joining the Japanese national team camp.

Darvish pitched in the bullpen on the 18th, the second day after joining the Japanese national team camp. He threw a total of 35 balls.

When news spread that Darvish was pitching in the bullpen, all junior pitchers gathered.

According to Japan’s Nikkan Sports, Roki Sasaki (Chiba Lotte), Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Hiroya Miyagi (above Orix), Shosei Dogo and Daisei (Yomiuri), Atsuki Yuasa (Hanshin), Keiji Takahashi (Yakult), and Ryoji Kuribayashi (Hiroshima) I watched Darvish pitch.

In particular, Sasaki also captured Darvish’s pitch on his mobile phone. He throws a fast ball of up to 164 km and is a player who is attracting attention as the next-generation ace in Japanese professional baseball. After admiring, “All of the breaking balls were amazing,” he said, “I don’t know if I can follow them, but I want to keep asking about my shortcomings.” 청소년토토사이트

Yamamoto, who won the Sawamura Award for the second year in a row, also said, “It’s really great. Everyone is a great pitcher, but what should I say… It was fun to watch.”

Takuya Guy (Softbank), the catcher who received the pitch, said, “I received it with nervousness. All the balls were good. It was a ball I had never received before, but I felt like throwing it while thinking about the meaning of each one. It was fun and moving.”

After pitching, he had a conversation with Darvish. He said, “Because I have to match the battery breathing in the future, I told him about my posture and various points of improvement. I wanted Darvish to throw well, so I said, ‘Please keep telling me’. Then Darvish said, ‘Please do it like this.'”