“A foreign substance that is not a superstar”… FW listening to German media’s ‘extreme words’

The leading German press gave a harsh criticism of striker Sadio Mane, who finished second in the Ballon d’Or last year.

He provoked him by even using the expression ‘foreign substance’ rather than a superstar.

Germany’s ‘Bild’ criticized, “The new player from Liverpool, despite his 11 goals and 5 assists in the first half, is incomparable to the world’s best winger during his time in Liverpool.” I took him out right after halftime in the game against. He is now at the lowest point,” he said.

Mane left Liverpool last summer to make a fresh start in Bayern Munich, Germany. After collapsing before the World Cup in Qatar in November and falling off the Senegal national team, he went through rehabilitation and returned through the match against Union Berlin on February 26, but the newspaper interprets that it is difficult to use as a starting player now as the team’s contribution is getting smaller and smaller.

In particular, out of his 11 goals, only 6 Bundesliga goals are not contributing much to Munich’s winning race. 먹튀검증

Bild, who introduced that “Mane scored 48 shots in 18 games in the Bundesliga,” analyzed six goals, saying, “That’s almost three shots per game, but on average he scored every eighth shot.”

“Especially on the last 11 shots, we didn’t score at all, and there were clear signs of a lack of concentration, as we only succeeded in 5 out of 10 crucial chances,” he said.

Of course, the newspapers paid attention to the change in Manet’s role. “In Liverpool, I came out as a clear left winger with Andrew Robertson, but in Munich, I was in charge of the ‘fake number 9’ in the ‘half space (the 2nd and 4th spaces excluding the center and the left and right sides when the ground is divided into 5 vertical parts),” he said. It was a change of position.

Even so, the opinion that Manet is becoming more and more mediocre did not relent.

“Mane is noticeably awkward with a lot less space in his possession. He looks like a foreign body,” said Bild, who took a direct hit. “He’s not in the middle and often moves out the side. It’s no surprise that he doesn’t excel in terms of play or record.” criticized.

It is a significant drop for an attacker who finished second in the Ballon d’Or last year. Manet is lost and wandering.